Denying Reality (and the Cats of War I Pre-order Promo Final 4 Days)

This is the blog of a writer. I try to stay out of political issues, but sometimes those issues intrude. There are some who say EVERYTHING is political, and others who just choose to make it so, so sometimes trying to be silent about what’s going on just makes matters worse, and something has to be said.

Again, this is the blog of a writer. For those of you who don’t know, a writer is someone who spends a lot of time trying to communicate using WORDS – those are the tools that I try to keep stocked in my toolbox. It is difficult to get a point across when the correct word is FORBIDDEN.

I consider myself a logical thinker. That doesn’t mean that I am not subject to the same traps that others fall into. I’m as capable as the next person of making a decision based on feelings, and then justifying and rationalizing that decision. But ultimately, I am also capable of re-examining those justifications and seeing the REAL reason I made the decision in the first place.

I spend a lot of time in ideation (that’s thinking), analyzing things, and particularly on intellection (that’s thinking about thinking.) POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (the notion that we can ban ideas we don’t like and the words associated them) is the death of thinking.

There is a loss of common sense (possibly even a WAR on it) across the country. Double standards abound, traditions are torn down JUST BECAUSE they’re traditions, and we seem to have an epidemic of people who can’t deal with the fact that other people don’t agree with them. I’m not talking about just being upset – I mean they really CAN’T COPE, and want to be protected from those disagreeable ideas.

Tolerance is a funny word – to me it has always meant an understanding that we are all different, and we are all entitled to our opinions. If we don’t agree – well, that’s just the way it is. I don’t have to come around to your way of thinking, just respect your right to think that (we agree to disagree.)

Well, we’ll have no more of that. Tolerance has been high-jacked (as have many other words) and now means forced acceptance. We must ALL agree with whatever the loudest people are shouting, even to the point of giving it our own stamp of approval.

A greasy wheel on a slippery slope.

We used to debate in this country. Now, those on the “correct” side of an issue dictate that the rest of are only allowed to say what we think if we also have the correct opinions.

This is not what this country was built on. We have a FIRST AMENDMENT because of the importance of being able to speak the truth and hold differing opinions. It doesn’t just mean that I can utter words – it means I can do it EVEN IF SOMEONE ELSE DOESN’T APPROVE OF THOSE WORDS.

Some common sense questions/thoughts:

1) Why have universities – places that are supposed to be building character, intellectual rigor, and the ability to discuss and debate – becoming places that want to ban certain words or ideas? Aren’t these the same places that used to rail against censorship, or against the banning of books?

Where did the idea start that we have a right to NOT be offended? Why else is FREEDOM OF SPEECH enshrined in our constitution than to allow people to say what they think (and keep the government and others from shutting down dissent)?

Why are the allegedly most open-minded places becoming the most closed?

2) Why is it wrong to say that all young black men are criminals (yes, I know they’re not), but it’s okay to say all white cops are racist? (probably the same reason it’s racist to disapprove of our current President’s policies, but NOT racist to vote for him just because of his color.)

Martin Luther King is probably turning over in his grave. Whatever happened judging people by the content of their character? As much as MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is revered, the people who praise it seem to be less aware of it’s meaning than the people in church who just recite the words BECAUSE they’re supposed to.

3) Why is it now bigotry to refer to someone whose anatomy is one gender with the appropriate pronoun? We’re supposed to make laws banning the word HE or SHE? Personally, I don’t care what gender you THINK you are – if you want to pursue a change of your self, go for it. But do not tell the parents of young girls (or women in general) that they have to be okay with MEN being in the restroom with them. Our restrooms and locker rooms are not segregated by what you think you are (otherwise, which ones would homosexuals use?), but by your physical plumbing, so DEAL with it.

4) When did we decide that the way to reduce crime is to make something that’s illegal legal? Drugs will not become less of a problem if it’s no longer criminal – more people will use them. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS cause all sorts of problems in this country that haven’t been solved by calling them UNDOCUMENTED, and the next step sought (AMNESTY) won’t make those problems go away.

We are a nation of laws, and without those laws (and their EQUAL ENFORCEMENT) what are we? Civilized society counts on consistent standards in order to function.

Throughout the turmoil of the last few years (decades, really), hijacking of language has made it increasingly difficult to even discuss issues. How did our ability to converse become so divorced from reality? Why are we in this cultural war against common sense?

A related subject: It is now politically incorrect to believe in God. Why? I have a theory (yes, what a surprise…) Because PART of what God is is JUDGEMENTAL – Just because God still loves each and every one of us doesn’t mean we can do no wrong, and he isn’t shy about telling us so or setting standards. Our current climate says that it’s NOT FAIR to say you made a bad choice or that you have to live with the consequences of your actions, and since God (and believers) won’t stop… he needs to be banned.

We have freedom OF (not FROM) religion. And JUDGMENT is not unconstitutional.

So to all you poor, victimized people: come back to the real world. You have a right to your own opinion – not to your own facts. If something is wrong, it’s wrong. It’s a shame if it makes you feel bad (or uncomfortable), but you do not have a right to not be offended. Sometimes your feelings are going to be hurt. Sometimes you’re going to do something wrong and be called to task for it. DEAL.

You do not deserve praise for just being somewhere – for showing up.

You do not deserve praise for following others blindly – for protesting just because others are. There are REAL reasons to take to the streets, but most of what I see lately is mob driven, as in “I better do what they’re doing, or they’ll do it to me.” This is just another form of appeasement – like the boy who bullied my son in grade school because he didn’t want to be bullied by the other boys.

Stop banning dissent, and the words we need to discuss our differences. A society that does this is not free for anyone and cannot last.

Just saying…


Now to lighter fare…

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