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Differences Between Novels, Series, Stand-Alone Shorts, and Life (and the Wind-Down of the “Finding Sanctuary” Preorder Promo)

I’m over 7000 words into my 4th Detective Jimmy Delaney story. DJD is short fiction, but I’ve noticed that in both of my SERIES (the other is Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire) the stories (after the first in each series) run longer than most of the rest of my short fiction; out of my other non-series stories, only 3 of 51 have reached 7000 words. This was not a deliberate decision on my part – I think the words just flow (and thereby pile up) because I’m more familiar with the world and characters I’ve created.

You would think that would make it easier to finish a series story, but at the same time, I need to “fact check” against what I’ve already written about the series’ world. I have to do this on NOVELS, too, but it’s harder in a series because I may go a year in between writing “episodes”. I also have to remember to reinforce things instead of assuming the reader knows them already – things like how a Disabler™ works, for instance.

In STAND-ALONE SHORTS less “fact checking” is needed, but the world is harder to make real (for both me and the reader) because I only get one go at it.)

In a NOVEL it’s easier to maintain character / settings because they are written (and rewritten) all at once.

It’s easy to make things up (that’s what FICTION is) when you don’t have to remember what came before. When you suffer from memory deficiencies like I do, it can be really intimidating to have to remember the “history” I’ve already created. Makes me wish that those who make up history and then ignore it were “doomed” to repeat it, but no – that won’t happen on its own –I’m going to have to keep track if I want it to be consistent.

That’s a funny difference between REAL LIFE and FICTION: History enforces itself in REALITY – things tend to happen in pretty much the same way throughout time in reality. In FICTION, you can make it up as you go along (however – readers WILL eventually rebel against a made-up reality that seems to have NO RULES at all, no matter how nicely you write it. Hmmmm… Why are people in REAL LIFE not bothered as much by the holes in the REALITY that’s being made up for them?)

Just saying…


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