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What’s Going To Happen In This Blog?

(In which I lay out my blogging plans for 2016.)

Let’s be honest here (I always am): this blog exists to increase my internet visibility for the self-serving objective of attracting traffic to my books. I do strive to say things worth reading, but when the day is over, the purpose of the blog is to cross-promote my publishing.

Although I have noticed an increase of traffic from my weekly blog (especially since I created my WordPress site), it is obvious that I need more than a weekly presence online to create the kind of visibility I want.

I plan to ramp up gradually to a blog per day, I have decided on names and an overall theme for each day of the week (because I have a need to force myself into some sort of order):

Miscellaneous Monday

This was originally going to be Meandering Monday, but since I’m already committed to blogging on Mondays, I needed something more general (and meandering comes across as somewhat pointless.) While ramping up this will fulfill its current function, and eventually go toward humorous ideation, puns & wordplay.

Topical Tuesday

Hey, I’m still working on what this means – I may change the name. Testing? Teaching? Trying? We’ll see. I’m not considering any of these nailed down until activated (the week that I finally start posting that day of the week.)

Writing Wednesday

My current – hopefully pertinent – experiences in writing and publishing; problems, methods, techniques, observations.

Thinking Thursday

I spend a lot of time thinking (that’s ideation), and especially thinking about thinking (intellection); I plan to share that on Thursdays (if I can think of something…)

Forecast Friday

At least where I live, Friday seems to be the day of the week that means “Thank God, it’s over”. So who exactly is it that stops working then? I think this is a throwback to a M-F schedule that used to predominate the labor market, but is now the domain of bankers and grade-schoolers. Maybe I can make it about the future instead; what’s coming up in the near (next week) and in the far (my crystal ball.)

Selling Saturday

The more blatant side of selling my stuff; introduce new items for sale, advertise,  promotions, coupons.

Sum-It-Up Sunday

Dwelling on the past – what’s happened this week that I feel like I need to say something about. It could be an essay, or a series of one-line comments.


This is a tough (and scary) commitment for me to make. My main writing interest is stories, not blogs, and as much as I struggle with finding time to create a decent volume of text, more of that effort directed to blogging will inevitably reduce my story time. Well, I will just have to find a way to increase my output (if you can’t increase your TIME, increase your SPEED.)

There is a writer whose blog I read every day, and I am baffled by the shear volume of words she manages to generate daily on that blog. Of course, writing is her CAREER, so it isn’t competing with another full-time job. For me, writing is my part-time job (yes, it has graduated from a HOBBY), but I am still trying to advance it to the point of being a CAREER. That is a more likely achievement than, say, WINNING THE LOTTERY, although it will probably feel like that’s what I’ve done once I get there.

Just saying…


“Behind the 8-Ball” is now up for preorders until its January 15th release:

The clock is running down as humanity struggles to find a new home; they’ve opened a gate into the unknown, but need evidence that their new world is on the other side before they go through. Moses can provide that proof, but how could anyone besides his wife believe him? Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith.

The preorder is available all over the internet, including:




William Mangieri’s writing, including his latest ePub “Finding Sanctuary”, can be found in many places, including:


His site on WordPress:

“William Mangieri’s Writing Page” on Facebook at:

His Goodreads author page:

Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri


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