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Writing In the World We Live In

I don’t know if I could have made it as a writer back in the 50’s. I’m not talking about becoming rich, or even being able to support myself with words. I am such a mediocre typist. I cannot imagine having time to do all the typing I would need to rewrite a single story a year. In the old days before computers (I did have a little experience with typing term papers back then), if you wanted to rewrite something it meant retyping the entire document. It wasn’t like now, with soft-copies that can be altered and edited literally with the press of a button. I wonder how much cut-and-paste has expanded the pool of writers.

We take so much of what’s around us for granted, as though it’s always been that way. We’re used to FAST, or even INSTANT, and don’t have the patience it took to survive in the old days.

Did people “back then” consider themselves patient? I’m sure they berated themselves for how impatient they were when flying from coast to coast in a few hours, versus the few days it would take in an automobile. And the drivers who didn’t have flying available yet could see how fortunate they were that it was days, rather than the months it took before the automobile.

I remember a time (in the ‘80s?) when I received a software or hardware upgrade, and suddenly, I didn’t have to wait for the computer to respond – it was waiting for me (I suspect that the AI’s have been creeping ahead of us since then and waiting for the right moment to take over the world, but if they’re as smart as I think, they’ve also decided that it isn’t worth their time.)

Of course, if we want to take full advantage of tech can provide, we can’t just sit there and say “at least it’s not the way it used to be” when service hiccups, or some data disappears – we complain and IN A FREE MARKET, the providers respond and we get even better tech.

Of course, there are also new hazards hidden in this tech that are particularly dangerous for a writer. One minute I think “I’ll just check my emails real quick, and get on Facebook and Google and twitter and see what’s going on and touch base with my (potential) readers, and see what’s happening with my sales, and…”; there’s SO MUCH STUFF out there that if you try to keep up with it all, that’s ALL you’ll be doing with your time. Even though these tasks really are part of the writer’s brave new world, they are NOT writing. Remember Heinlein’s first rule:


And THEN there are the dangers that come with the kind of leisure time we have because we’re not so busy escaping from Mother Nature and trying to find enough food to survive. We are accosted by entertainments galore – radio, film, tv, streaming, YouTube, all manner of other distractions from productive things we could be doing, especially games.

I am not much of a gamer (anymore – see my brief bio), and play almost nothing on the computer. My wife and I like to play Scrabble (on a real, physical board – I know, “How quaint!”) I’d heard about “Words With Friends” (was Alec Baldwin thrown off a plane for it?), and had a few minutes late one night when I had wrapped up a story, and thought I’d download the app and have a look at it. What harm could there be?

Hello – my name is William Mangieri, and I’m a WORDSWITHFRIENDSAHOLIC.

While I’m sure it’s not quite as debilitating as crack or meth or pot, in this first couple of days, it has already taken up as much of my time – maybe more – than I’ve spent writing. You writers out there – what could you do with twice as much time to write? (I’m sure this impacts people in other professions, but most writers don’t have bosses looking over their shoulders to make sure they’re being productive.) Look in the mirror and see where you might be frittering away your time.

Hmmmm – I was worried that blogging could become another distraction from the job of REALLY WRITING. Yeah, it is part of what I need to be doing for my marketing and all, but I seem to be rambling. Time to close it up and get back to my next story.

Just saying…


This preorder thing is showing promise, so it continues. Next up is “Ultimate Awareness” available at the preorder price until its February 12th release:UltimateAwarenessCover

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The preorder is available at multiple sellers all over the internet, including:




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