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Writing Wednesday**: Where Stories Come From (and Where They End Up)

Remember Heinlein’s Rule #1:


If you’re like me and trying to be a serious writer, you’ve set goals for how many stories you’re going to write. Or how many words you’ll write in a sitting. Or you’ve set a particular time to sit down and do nothing but write.

So there you are, sitting there, pen poised over a blank piece of paper (it’s a metaphor; I know most of us don’t actually use pen and paper anymore), but nothing is coming to you. This may seem like a strange situation for a writer to be in (to the non-writer, anyway.) “Doesn’t your muse deliver your ideas to you?”

I’ve never seen her (and I’m not sure how my wife would feel about it if I did.)

“Aren’t you writers writing because you have a story in you that just has to come out?”

This happens at certain points in the process – sometimes at the very beginning, but more often for me when I’ve been writing for a few minutes (or maybe a day), and the “inspiration” won’t ever arrive if you don’t start.

I start writing to be able to keep writing. But I have to start SOMEwhere, with SOME idea. Where do those ideas come from? They can be things that you experience in your day to day life (or that you’ve heard of in someone else’s.) It can be a piece of dialogue that pops into being when you’re talking to yourself (we’re among friends here – you can admit it.) You may have seen an image and made up a background for it. Or perhaps a song that you can’t chase out of your mind leads you (that’s what happened to me with L-O-V-E Among the Stars; don’t look for it yet – it’s just started the rounds at my markets.) Maybe you’ve read an article about a scientific discovery, or a new piece of tech and wondered what it might lead to.

On a rare occasion, a story may actually reveal itself to me where it’s all there for the taking, if I could only write fast enough. But even when I think an idea is a fully formed story when I begin, it inevitably changes itself as I attempt to set it down. The story isn’t THE STORY until it’s finished.

Ultimately, stories come from writing.

Just saying…


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(**this is the first installment of Writing Wednesday – yay!)


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