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Writing Wednesday: Does Your Writing Have a Mind of It’s Own (or am I the only one)?

When I start writing I usually have a specific destination in mind – I REALLY THINK I know where the story is going.

I. Know. Nothing!

Take “Therefore I Am” (working title of my current work-in-progress); let’s call it TIA for short… (hey wait, that’s the acronym for Transient Ischemic Attack – I’ve had one of those. I didn’t realize about the initials when I started writing it.) I had a very specific story idea in mind, about a self-aware Artificial Intelligence that we created questioning whether human beings were actually capable of thought, or merely responding to their chemical reactions / programming. I started writing it with this in mind, but by the time the first draft was complete, the story wasn’t about that at all.

This could just be about me – I’m very into process, but not so much into organization (if you’ve seen my desk, you KNOW you don’t want to look into my mind.) I have tried outlines as a way of trying to set and maintain a direction, but an outline is a form, and I’ve never been able to fill out a form from top to bottom, left to right. As I’m working through the answers, something more interesting further down catches my eye, and so I jump to it, and then somewhere else. When I’m done, the answers are all there, and no one can tell that I did it OUT OF ORDER, but a story written that way is a bit more obviously so. (that’s probably why that exercise where I printed out my rough draft, cut out the sentences and rearranged them worked for me when I wrote B.I.T. )

Does anyone else have this problem? The morphing of story into something entirely unrecognizable as you try to pin it down, I mean.

I’ve heard rumors of writers who actually use outlines and follow them all the way to the “exciting conclusion”, of others who don’t outline at all, and instead write a summary of what’s going to happen in the story and then flesh it out (that may be what a proposal is), and even writers who only wrote what they intended, and didn’t rewrite it unless someone MADE them (Heinlein, anyone?)

There’s a method to my madness – but if you tried my method, I suspect it would drive you mad, too. Fortunately, it seems to work okay for short fiction, but I know it caused me headaches when I wrote the rough draft of my first novel last year (that would be Swordsmaster, and no, don’t go looking for it – it’s still a rough draft until I get back to wrestling it to completion later this year.)

I’m curious to hear from other writers – do you experience this, too? Or did you used to work that way until you found a cure? Should I want to be cured? Feel free to comment.

We are all different, and we can’t be expected to work the same way. My stories all seem to have a minds of their own and take me on a fun ride of discovery. I hope my readers enjoy the ride and have as much fun as I do.

Just saying…


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One thought on “Writing Wednesday: Does Your Writing Have a Mind of It’s Own (or am I the only one)?

  1. I don’t use outlines because I like my story to take me where it wants to go. I usually just figure out what I want my big ending to be, and then I create my story around that. Outlines jut wouldn’t work for my brain. I don’t want them telling me what to do. I want my character to do that.

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