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Writing Wednesday: This Crazy Little Thing Called…

Do you have to be crazy to write?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result; something like:
I write. I revise. I send it to market. It gets rejected.
Write. Revise. Send to market. Rejection.
Write. Revise. Market. Rejection.
It does seem a bit redundant, doesn’t it? And a bit insane? We even train ourselves to look forward to the rejection (don’t look at me that way – it’s not like enjoying a beating); it means we’re pushing forward (someone has to READ what you write, and rejection is bound to happen.) Suck it up and send it out again.
So why do I subject myself to this?
I took a class 12 years ago. No, not on writing – it was a Franklin-Covey course on planning (this is how they sell you on their planners.) Part of the class involved examining myself and deciding what I wanted to be doing in the future. In my case, it also involved what was missing from my present that I used to have in my past – a creative outlet. IN MY YOUTH, I’d done theatre, played instruments, sung, sketched, wrote music and stories, but now (the back then “now”), I had none of that, and it was a hole in my soul that needed to be filled.
I chose writing because I could do it by myself, didn’t have to be dependent on anyone else’s schedule, or worry about making noise and disturbing people. I chose fiction because I enjoy making things up – SPECULATIVE FICTION because you get to MAKE THINGS UP EVEN MORE.
Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the real reality separated from the made up one, because if you want your fiction to be accessible to others, there has to be enough real-world elements in it to feel right, and as a writer, you’re living inside this world, talking with the people that live there, and sometimes WHERE OTHERS CAN ACTUALLY HEAR YOU (although it seems that they CAN’T hear the other side of the conversation – go figure.)
You spend enough time immersing yourself in a fantasy, it can become indistinguishable from your reality. I’ve seen this manifested in my life:

  • In my Dungeons & Dragons days, I once caught myself relieved that despite the sorry state of my bank account, I still had “all this gold.”
  • When I used to act, I would find myself taking on characteristics of my characters – which is okay if I was playing a hero, but otherwise…not so much.

I guess this shows that I’m more susceptible to losing my grip on reality. Then again, isn’t perception reality?

They say that reading a story can actually build memories in the reader – as though they had actually experienced what was on those pages. What does that say about the writer, who spent far longer dreaming those events and being those people?

Just saying…


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