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Writing Wednesday: Keeping the Universes Straight

I’m memory-challenged, and I’ve written enough stories now, I’m losing track of who’s who and what’s what – and that’s just in stand-alone short fiction.
I have 2 series I’d like to keep going – Detective Jimmy Delaney & Her Tom, Champion of the Empire. Of course, when I first started them, I wasn’t thinking series – they were just two stories (“In a Flash” and “Purr Mission”, respectively) that I wanted to write, but something about each universe called to me and said “Bill – I have more stories in me – write them.” Those of you who are writers know what I mean; those of you who aren’t, well, you can mock me all you want – as long as you keep buying.)
When I first started writing them (the series’ sequels) there wasn’t much to remember; after all, there was only one story’s worth of “history” behind each, but as each series builds it’s getting to the point where I have to reread all the ones that came before to get back into it and do each series justice.
I think I need to start writing 2 – 3 stories in a row on each series without letting other stories/universes get in between and confuse me.
This will run afoul of my self-imposed rules about how and when a story is to be e-published, because I don’t want to put out all the stories in a series one after another, and I also don’t like to leave stories laying around once they’ve made the market circuit firing squad. But that rule is arbitrary (just because I decided I should have a rule), and writing several of Herc Tom’s or Jimmy’s stories in a row will make for better (and easier) writing.
And after I sock away a couple in each of those, I get to re-immerse myself in Swordsmaster. This may be another example of my being overly optimistic, (like last year, when I thought I’d write the whole novel from start to finish), but I hope I complete it this time around. This reacquainting myself with each universe takes time away from actual writing, even if it is a necessary evil.
Just saying…


PurrMissionCoverSeriesThis week’s Smashwords coupon is for “Purr Mission”:

Major Tom’s dander is up. His cub is dying of the Morient Virus, and he knows their sworn enemies are responsible (the Baastards!), but bureaucats order him not to go to their planet to recover the antidote. Well, it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask purrmission.

“Purr Mission” is the first story of my Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire series, and is also available in the collection Cats of War I . Use coupon code UJ36J to get 67% off the cover price at Smashwords (that’s 99-cents – such a deal!). Here’s the link:  
This coupon will be good until March 5th.


The preorder campaign continues for my speculative short story “The Pipes”:

PipesCoverSometimes it’s the little things…
An unexpected extraterrestrial visitation has an adverse effect on a Texas farmer’s well.
Think twice before you drink the water – there’s something in the pipes.

Release date is March 11th, but you can preorder now at a reduced promotional price at all the usual places, including (but not limited to):


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