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Writing Wednesday: Forming Habits and Keeping Them

I’ve been THINKING about writing since 2004, started WRITING in 2006, have been SERIOUSLY PRODUCTIVE since 2011, and TREATING IT AS A BUSINESS since 2012. Throughout all of this, I continue to follow Heinlein’s rules:
1. You must write.
2. You must finish what you write.
3. You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order.
4. You must put your work on the market.
5. You must keep the work on the market until it is sold.
#’s 4 and 5 are from a time when there were no eBooks, and Indie publishing was not as easy to do. Nowadays, it could be said that it isn’t necessary to try to sell your work to traditional publishers anymore. Yet I still do.
Why? Well, there are multiple reasons. If a traditional publisher buys one of my stories, the immediate payoff is faster than the dribs and drabs of indie. A sale to a traditional market also cross-feeds traffic into my other works. And yes, there is even the STATUS we all imagine is conferred on us by appearing in a REAL publication, even if we pretend it doesn’t matter.
For these reasons, I continue to send my works to market, and – when I receive a rejection – lick my wounds and submit to the next one on the list. It would be so much less work (and pain) to just ePublish each story once I’m done with it. If a story is going to be rejected anyway, why lose the time and delay indie royalties? And why incur the rejection in the first place?
Well, how do I KNOW when a story is going to be rejected? I don’t.
In Bridge of Spies, the Russian that Donaldson defends relates a story to him – of a man that was repeatedly beaten, but who kept standing back up. They eventually stopped beating the man, even calling him “Standing Man”, a monicker the Russian then uses to honor Donaldson for getting up and brushing himself off when he’s knocked down, and always pushing forward.
This is a valuable characteristic in any walk of life. I pride myself on being someone who never gives up – who never tips his king. Why is this important? Isn’t there a point where it’s obvious that you can’t win – that you’re wasting your time (and treasure) and need to stop?
Perhaps. But how much is too much?
Life is not and was never intended (Eden aside) to be easy, and we rely on developing habits – good habits – to help keep us going when the going gets tough. Sure, if you give yourself an out and decide that THIS LINE is where I stop, you’ll save yourself some pain at first. But lines of this sort aren’t stationary – they tend to creep closer. You notice that you’re starting to experience some pain again, and even if it isn’t quite as much as before, might as well stop now before it gets worse. And next time, well, you’re not in pain yet, but you can see it coming. Eventually, STOPPING BECOMES NEVER STARTING.
You CAN get back on that horse when you’ve fallen off, but it’s easier if you stay on it to begin with. Keep that as your habit.
Just saying…


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