Meandering Monday about Drumming Up Your Own Thoughts

Have you noticed how the news is? Something makes it onto the conversation, and it becomes the focus of what virtually everyone talks about.  News programs, talk shows, people around the water cooler, every tweet, no one can seem to break from the socially accepted topic. News cycles cycling thru only the prescribed subjects, and we follow along so we can be part of it.

Why are we such sheep?

Important things are happening in the world: wars, elections, economic upheaval, high crimes and misdemeanors. But we do our civic duty and surrender our precious chance to discuss (and possibly head toward solutions to) these things, and instead obsess over who’s insulted who, or whether that’s real hair, or who’s posting pictures of whom, or if someone can dance, or whether they should have, or…

Ooooh – look at that shiny object!

Aside from any opinions or political leanings we might have and which side of an argument we might take, why do we allow ourselves to be channeled into the topic du jour? Are we all this vacuous? Are we still in high school? Is it really that important to be like the cool kids? To be seen as towing the line, only talking about what the thought leaders are saying.

Life is more important than a game of follow the leader (even if he is on a honda.)

We humans are too socially dependent. We subjugate our ability to lead our own thoughts and give in to group think. Because wrong thinking will be punished. Not just having the wrong opinion, but thinking about the wrong things – deviating from the accepted topics. Thinking for yourself and saying what you think doesn’t help you fit in.

Instead of obsessing about what OTHER PEOPLE are talking about, would it be so terrible to talk about what’s really bothering YOU? About what’s REALLY important?

Let your own thoughts lead you. Stop meandering with the rest of the flock. Beat your own drum, and you may even take some of the others along with you.

Just saying…


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