Writing Wednesday: About Rewriting…

So (yes, it’s a week later, and I’m still saying that.)
I’m about to do something I’ve sworn for the last five years I would not do.
When I say I first got SERIOUS about writing was when there was a confluence of frustration at how long it took me to finish a story, my “inability” to find time to write, a vacation week that became completely stay-at-home, and the rediscovery of Heinlein’s Rules for Writing.
The rule that has pertinence today is:

    3. You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order

What this means is you write your story, clean it up (look for obvious problems), and then send it out to market and don’t revisit it or do anything to it UNLESS an EDITOR (defined as someone who would actually be able to BUY it for publication) says “I’ll buy it if you…”
One of the traps a writer can get into is the perpetual rewrite. I’m not a stranger to this myself – each of my first two short stories took 2 years to write (and one of those was a FLASH fiction!) What could make a short story take SO LONG to finish?

  1. First there’s the slow process of my own internal editor getting in the way and questioning every word I wrote down. LEARN TO SILENCE YOUR INTERNAL EDITOR – you have to get the story out first; your internal editor knows WORDS and GRAMMAR and PUNCTUATION, but not STORY.
  2. This was followed by multiple solicited readings, and each critique was followed with a rewrite to satisfy that person’s critique. YOU CANNOT SATISFY ALL YOUR CRITICS – it’s your story, not theirs.
  3. I then started sending it out to market, and when it came back (rejected), I looked the story over and “tweaked” it before I sent it back out the first couple of times. This was without ANY SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS. No one ever said the magical “I’ll buy it if you…”

Ultimately, what you have to understand (and believe it) as a writer is that you don’t become a better writer by rewriting the same story ad infinitum; you become a better writer by writing MORE and DIFFERENT stories (that is also called practice.) Plus, the more you rewrite, the more the voice of your writing becomes homogenized – less unique. There is nothing (or at least not much) new under the sun – your story’s voice is what makes it different.
So, with all of this in mind, I am now caving on my own personal rule – I’m going to review and rewrite (or at least revise) the stories in both of my series. It probably is more of a revision. Not trying to excuse myself – once a story has gone out to market I had sworn off revisions as well, so even if Heinlein doesn’t mind, I do.
Here’s what I plan to do:

  1. Irritating things I noticed that aren’t that bad – just that could have been better (the same word repeated in 2 consecutive sentences, for example.)
  2. Clean up some bad edits (simple stuff – missed punctuation and such)
  3. And yes – I will add some details and clarifications that I commented on last week, to bring the reader and I closer to seeing the same thing.

That last one probably DOES make it a rewrite. Sorry, Heinlein, but this is a series, which means my past efforts are impacting the future, so I guess in this case, an exception is in order.
Sometimes, you have to break rules – even if they’re your own.
Just saying…


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