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Writing Wednesday: About Those Goals…

As I pointed out on Meandering Monday, the first quarter was a meandering kind of time. Focus wasn’t there, major changes happened on my day job, there’s been family illness, SaturdayHeFedTheCatCover2witch’s broom in our garden, and the dog ate my homework (this is the same dog on the cover of “Saturday He Fed the Cat” – it links to the book in case you’re interested. Said dog has been gone now for a couple of years, BUT NEVER DOUBT that she still causes havoc from beyond the grave. BELIEVE.)
As convenient as excuses are, they really don’t pay the mortgage, and if you’re serious about your goals as a writer (or any other occupation) you should review them periodically, to help remind yourself about what your self is supposed to be doing. This review should be done PUBLICLY to gain the helpful benefits of PUBLIC HUMILIATION that helps keep us on the straight and narrow (said shaming has lately gone the way of the public stocks in the town square, and I’m not sure anything good has come of their removal.) We ALL could use some motivation.
So here is the status of my writing goals at the end of quarter 1:

  1. 3000 words (of fiction)/week – this seems to be my perpetual failure – I’ve had this same goal ever since I started and never made it. Until mid-March I was on pace for my highest average ever (over 2000), but with my meandering collapse that has dropped to 1240. I keep this goal despite my difficulties with it it because it still gives me something to shoot for EACH WEEK, even if I can’t seem to maintain it throughout the year.
  2. 12 new stories written and out the door by end of year – 4 stories completed and making the rounds so far (“L-O-V-E Among the Stars”, “Some Kind of Luck”, “The Collective Is All”, “Out of Place”), so I’m TECHNICALLY ahead on this one. But considering I’ll still need to devote a large portion of the year to my novel…
  3. 1-week turn-around on getting rejected stories sent to another market – This one is pretty easy, especially since my stable of shorts galloping through the markets is smaller than the number of markets I have to submit to.
  4. Indie publish SOMETHING every 4 weeks – on schedule (“Behind the 8-Ball”, “Ultimate Awareness”, “The Pipes”, “Burial Details” set this year), and I don’t anticipate any difficulties for the rest. A collection may be overdue…
  5. Eventually post to blog every day – That was supposed to be at 3 days a week by now, and it is (Meandering Monday, Writing Wednesday, Selling Saturday so far.) The other 4 are due to be filled by the end of July, but I’m already having regrets about the time they will take from my REAL writing.
  6. Complete Swordsmaster – I have done nothing toward revising and rewriting last year’s 57300-word rough draft. This was as intended – I planned to begin the work sometime this summer (which is why I don’t consider myself to REALLY be ahead on item (2) above.)
  7. Read six novels I haven’t gotten to on the list of David Pringle’s 100 Best Sci-Fi Novels – I have read nothing this year. As writers we are supposed to read, but I just don’t seem to have time to do one, never mind both. This goal may need to change.

As always, my use of time and my productivity are WAY better than they were five years ago, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I have two big roadblocks to meeting my goals – a legitimate lack of time (which will most likely not resolve itself until I can actually RETIRE from my day job), and the need to knuckle down and focus better with the time I do have.
Knuckling down is what I CAN control. Like I wrote three weeks ago in Meandering Monday about Malingering, that 100% we seem to think we’re giving has a funny way of being expandable.

Time to stop making excuses and start making progress. Just saying…


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