Selling Saturday: Smashwords Coupon for “The Black Spot” and Other Promotions

SpotFingerIt has begun…

As a writer of speculative fiction, I find it gratifying (if sometimes unnerving) when elements from my stories creep into my everyday life (usually it’s the other way around.) A week ago, after digging up our rose rosette-infected rose bushes, I took off my glove and discovered a small, dark spot on my finger tip, which has grown slowly but steadily into the black spot in the picture at right.

What is it? Is it possible that there was a hole in my glove, and I have become infected with rose rosette? It seems highly unlikely – even more unlikely than what happened in one of my stories. So – in honor of my infestation, this week’s BlackSpotCoverEx1Smashwords coupon is for “The Black Spot”:

On a routine shift, one of the miners is exposed to something…different. The company doctor says it’s just in his head, and he’s right, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. There may be a Workman’s Comp claim here…

The story is only 99-cents normally, and Smashwords won’t allow coupons to make it less than that, UNLESS you give 100% OFF. So, do the math, and use coupon code WC38X to get 100% off the cover price at Smashwords (that’s right – IT’S FREE!) – it’s good until April 23rd. Here’s the link:

“The Black Spot” is also available in my fourth collection, surprisingly titled (if you haven’t been paying attention): Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND.


Coming soon:  “Solid People” (at least as soon as I can figure out the title and create the cover and formatting; schedule says publication date is May 6th, so I better get a move on):

The afterlife is what you make of it. Sarah decides to spend hers with some Solid People.


BurialDetailsCoverBe sure to bury your charges deep.

An old farmer, scraping by after the Sahrian invasion, buries his most precious treasures to hide them from the aliens’ “salvation”.

That’s right – the preorder campaign for “Burial Details” is over, and it’s been LIVE at the usual places for a week, including (but not limited to):




William Mangieri’s writing, including his latest ePub “Burial Details”, can be found in many places, including:



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