Meandering Monday about How You Play the Game

I play games (like none of you knew), and on those fields of battle, I show no mercy, and expect none as well. My opponent on the other side of the board (that’s right, I’m old fashioned – sometimes it’s ACTUAL BOARD GAMES) is the enemy, and we are out to destroy each other. There is no win-win in these games – either they win or I do.

If you’re the big fish in a small pond (or any body of water), how should you behave? Is there some nobility in LETTING someone else win? No – aside from the HONOR of giving it your best, either they are a true enemy, and thus need to be beaten, or they are a friend and need to learn to give it their all before they go up against someone who REALLY WILL kill them (or at least defeat them because they haven’t been pushed to give it their all yet.)

That’s the problem with the entitlement mentality that has seeped into our culture. We no longer expect people to do their best any longer – now we hand out participation trophies. And if someone is outplayed, we are more likely to criticize the victor than challenge the loser to do better – for fear of hurting their fragile self-esteem.

I find it hard to believe that Donald Trump REALLY believes that anyone is cheating him of delegates. The rules are the rules, and have been there long enough that IF HE HAD PUT IN THE EFFORT, he could have excelled at it. I think he knows the truth, but it is personal suicide for him to admit incompetence, so instead, having been caught flat-footed, he whines about unfairness and it just may work (to gain popular support, at least), because we have become a nation of whiners, imagining that others have taken away what we never earned in the first place. Meanwhile, Senator Cruz plods along winning, playing by the rules and EARNING his way.

A similar illustration exists in the other party, where the presumptive nominee (she presumes that she’s entitled) was given an insurmountable super-delegate lead and is still struggling to fend off someone who was pretty much unknown when all this started. How unfair, that Bernie isn’t just laying down and letting her have what is hers.

It’s said you can take the measure of a man (or WOman) by their enemies. But how can you do that if their “enemies” take it easy on them? If we continue to award people for coming up short, then we all will.

Just saying…


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