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Forecast Friday: An Excerpt from the 2037 Report on the Universal Bathroom Amendment of 2017

**Well, here we are in the 4th month of the year, and my writing goals say that I need to increase my weekly blog postings to 4 before the end of this month, so you find yourself (on the latest day possible) reading the inaugural edition of Forecast Friday. Enjoy!

An Excerpt from the 2037 Report on the Universal Bathroom Amendment of 2017

Section 24.14.a: Economic Impact

For small retail outlets that already had “single seat” restrooms, there was no real impact – just the cost to remove the gender specific labeling. In fact, many places that were required to have both a male and a female restroom under the old arrangement now only require a single facility, thus reducing start-up costs for new small businesses.
Most large businesses with multi-stall facilities have opted to change these to non-gender-specific restrooms. An unexpected benefit has been that fewer customers seem interested in using these universal public restrooms, resulting in savings in toilet paper, water, and maintenance.
As with all change, there have been some negatives. The gender specific (read sexist) urinal industry has all but vanished, taking the makers of urinal cakes along with it. These displaced workers have had to be retrained and shifted to employment in other, growing disciplines. For example, more jobs have been created in the mental health field. Child psychologists are in demand to assist younger patients who were unprepared for exposure to the gender-specific genitalia in non-gender-specific facilities. And there is still a burgeoning industry to help old-fashioned people (read dinosaurs) learn to use unisex facilities without being traumatized.
Police officers have one less crime to investigate, as law enforcement in most jurisdictions no longer answer calls about people of the opposite sex (such a quaint term) lurking in the wrong restroom (Wrong restroom? How would you know?)
Of course, some people still swear they will never use a public facility again. How will those people manage long trips outside the home? Well…Depends (yes, those sales are up, too. And they’re tax-deductible. Ka-ching!)
The world swims in unintended consequences.
Just saying…


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