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Forecast Friday: Author Gets His Wish and FINALLY Arrives On Mars

Most of my life I’ve held a fantasy of going to Mars. When I watched Neil Armstrong take that one small step in 1969 (no, I wasn’t there, silly – we DID have television back then), I thought it was possible that I might get to follow him up there eventually – I was only 12, after all, and the way things looked, I didn’t see any reason that we wouldn’t be making regular trips up there in another twenty years, even for tourists.
I don’t remember moon tickets being available in 1989, do you? Heck, space / planetary exploration stagnated to the point that there are actually people who think the whole thing DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN. Heck, we’re almost fifty years beyond Apollo 11, and I STILL DON’T see it happening.
I’m not TOO broke up about it; the fact is, I wasn’t that interested in going to the Moon. I’ve had my heart set on Mars.
I think back to that moon landing, and it seemed like there was nothing that could stop us. Why couldn’t we go to Mars? Sure, the trip was longer than a lunar mission, but what would it be – half a year? Didn’t we have trips across the Atlantic that took as long? (Well, not really – Columbus took a little over two months, but we have MUCH BETTER food technology now.)
We need people on another planet – not just as tourists, but as residents. It seems terribly short-sighted that we remain here with all our eggs in this one fragile basket.
We could make a moon colony, but you’d think that if something were to destroy the Earth, it would take the Moon with it. Mars at least has some distance, and has always felt like Humanity’s most viable second home. Now, if something were to take out the Sun, well, then all bets are off…
I hope the trip I took there with Matt Damon isn’t the last time I get to go.
There may be another way for me to get to Mars, and I don’t think it even involves impinging on anyone’s payload. Some year in the future, if we stop squandering our fortunes down here, some teenager growing up in sight of Olympus Mons opens his kindle and downloads a copy of, oh, say “New Antiques”, to see what life might have been like on Mother Earth– or “Saturday He Fed the Cat” for a glimpse of the thoughts those ancients had on what might happen on an extraterrestrial colony.
AND I WILL HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED! How cool would that be?
Just saying…


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I’ve lived in Texas for over 40 years, in my house for over 20 years, and I’ve never seen their like before or since. Fortunately, they don’t seem to have the predilection for making things disappear as the ones in my story do.
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The afterlife is what you make of it. A run-in with Mr. Topp’s flatbed strands Sarah and her mother in Newbury. Despite her mother’s warnings about becoming attached to things, Sarah decides to spend her time with some Solid People.

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