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Meandering Monday about Fitting into Our Roles

We all have different personas. I could talk about you, but that would be presumptuous of me – after all, I barely know you. Instead, I’ll just talk about me (as it is, I’m barely qualified to do that.) I have the person I am at home – the husband to my wife, the father to my son. I’m the person I am at work, and this varies; depending on “what time” it is, I’m the project manager trying to keep things organized, the rookie member of a tech team I’m still trying to understand, the publisher of a newsletter, and an unofficial morale officer. There’s the person I am when I go to stores, and the person I am when I’m with friends.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…and one man, in his time, will play many parts.

I play many roles in my life. This isn’t to say that I’m not being true to myself, or faking it, although I’ve seen people do it. Sometimes it’s tempting to try to be someone else, instead of a different facet of myself; call it actor disease. I wonder if I would have been as stable as I am (I imagine my wife laughing here) if I had stayed in theater. It was too easy for characters I’d been playing to inhabit me when later when I was just trying to be me.

I was telling someone lately that my purpose in life seems to be to fill in the gaps – if a role is needed, I take it. I fill a need – find a way to fit into whatever group/team I happen to be on. We all want to fit in – to belong. “You want to go where everyone knows your name.” Or at least you want to know what your role is and how you fit in. We all want to know our purpose.

I sometimes refer to myself as a lone wolf, sort of standing off to the side, separate from all the packs. But that’s really a contradiction. Wolves are social creatures, very much geared to find and fill their roles, from the alphas all the way down to the most bullied member (yes, even pristine creatures of nature engage in bullying), they all know where they fit in. I suspect that even the lone wolf, in the larger scheme of things is serving his own role.

We may rail against the way things are, and wish for them to change, but we long for the familiar, and, sure that the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t, we long for the familiar. This is our comfort zone, and we don’t like to leave it, no matter how UNcomfortable it is.

Boy, this is meandering, isn’t it? Well, it’s supposed to be – it’s MEANDERING MONDAY!

You know (for me at least), this is what writing is, and where writer’s block manifests: a part of me (left brain) is saying “No, Bill – you need to start over. Writing is supposed to be more organized”, while another (right brain) is saying “It’s supposed to be this way – just let it flow.” Both sides need to find a way to fit in to make this work.

See – even in my own head, I’m still playing multiple roles.

(The grass is always greener, isn’t it? I mean, there you are, wishing you could be as random as I am, while I long for the certitude of your stability. But then, we all have our parts to play, don’t we? Even if we wish we could step into someone else’s comfort zone.)

Just saying…


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