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Forecast Friday: What’s in YOUR Future?

This week’s Forecast Friday isn’t a prediction, but it is about the future…
Recently, my wife asked me why zombies are so popular (she means they’re popular in entertainment – the ones you run into in real life – not so much.) She doesn’t get it – if for no other reason than that they’re gross and have horrible table manners. I mean, would YOU ever invite one to dinner?
The undead of choice used to be vampires. People used to invite vampires to dinner ALL THE TIME (that’s part of the rules – you have to invite them in, or they had to leave you alone. Not like those rude I’LL DO WHAT I WANT zombies.) Aside from their Nosferatu beginning (the skeleton skulking in every vampire’s family tree), they were smart, cultured, passionate, powerful, sometimes romantic – even sexy. They are usually trying to protect their home turf (Would YOU want to live in Transylvania?) or consciously expand their own territory (hiring a solicitor to buy property in London, for instance.) Most seemed to understand not to overhunt their prey – they were conservationists at heart, and knew they had to keep from thinning out the herd too much. They believe they are immortal, and plan for the future.
Zombies are entropic – unable to hold it together, in search of brains (because they’ve lost their own.) Zombies are just struggling to find food to keep from rotting in a heap where they stand (and taking us all with them in the process.) They have no real plan for the future – eventually they’ll hunt out all their prey and it will be over. They’re an environmental / ecological catastrophe in the making.
Entropy. That’s what zombie’s represent. And I think they dominate the current culture, because that’s where the majority believe we are, and where we’re headed.
In last Friday’s forecast, I talked about how I grew up during the early years of the NASA, and how I thought that I would someday get to follow our astronauts to the Moon, or hopefully even to Mars. What does today’s generation believe? They think we’re going to destroy the planet before we can even get off of it. The NASA I admired is relegated to monitoring climate change. Think – if only they’d be allowed to do more extra-terrestrial (and especially MANNED) missions, it might become more obvious that temperatures are rising or falling in those places, too, depending on solar activity and other naturally occurring phenomena (Of course, if we were there, then the temperature changes on Mars would be our fault, wouldn’t it?)
I STILL BELIEVE – as I did in my youth – in a future of hope, where we finally break the surly bonds of Earth (while still alive) and make our way to the other planets, and outwards to the stars.
Where is your future – rotting on the Earth, or on your way to the stars? What kind of future do you want to believe in? Strive for it!
Just saying…


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