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Forecast Friday: Author Sentenced for Using Forbidden Words

Author W Mangieri was sentenced today for their repeated use of proscribed words in their latest book (which will go unnamed here to prevent overly curious people from accidently being offended.)
“But that is the way they talked back then,” was the author’s only excuse.
For those readers who may not realize the seriousness of W Mangieri’s infactions, we include an example here to illustrate (let those of you who are faint of heart or who have small, impressionable children not fear – we have X’d out the offensive language.

XXX stirred, adjusted XXX glasses, and then as XXX eyes focused on XXX, XXX sat bolt upright, XXX face hardened into a scowl. “What are you doing here!”
“I’m Ed King. You knew my XXXXXX?”
XXX stared at XXX, then relaxed into XXX chair. “You look like your XXXXXX…”
“You knew XXX?”
“No. Saw XXX one time, just before XX abandoned your XXXXXX, with XXX in the third trimester. That was enough. Never did like XXX.”
Ed sat in a chair across from XXX.
“Don’t know why your XXXXXX loved XXX. XXX’d get so mad at me when I’d call XXX names.
“’Why do you stand up for XXX after the way XX did you?’ XXX’d just say XX was a good XXX, and XX had his reasons.”

The defendant’s repeated use of gender specific descriptors flies in violation of the Gender Neutrality Act. Even though defense attorneys pointed out that no one was being forced to read the offensive text, it is obvious that the mere existence of such gender bifurcating words is too much for some people. We can all be grateful that those so afflicted are now protected from such atrocities.
It should be noted that government officials say there is no truth to the rumor that the pronouns we and us are on the list of offensive words being considered for banning, despite the discomfort that hearing words which express a sense of plural identity and belonging may inflict on lonely, single people.
“I mean, if XX were to do that, how could XX do XXX jobs? How would citizens be able to understand XX? Or XX XXXX?” Senator Sanders asked.
XX can only wonder. Just saying…


MyBrotherCoverThis week’s Smashwords coupon is for “My Brother’s Keeper”:

What would you be willing to do to save a soul from oblivion? Abduction? Possession? Murder?
A space traveler lands on a primitive planet, and contends with the backwards philosophy of some brown-robed brethren as he tries to rescue his own brother’s spirit.

I think this one may have started with the title, and then grew into a combination of possession, mind control, medieval monks, the afterlife, and aliens (I know – nothing out of the ordinary there – just the usual stuff I go through every day.) My memory isn’t that good (at least it’s still my own), and having written over 60 short stories in the last few years, I confess that some of them have disappeared into the fog. Not this one – I remember it distinctly, especially the exorcism of Brother Isaiah, and I have a particular fondness for the part where… well, you’ll have to read it for yourself.
Use coupon code QB72Q to get 67% off the cover price at Smashwords (that’s only 99-cents – such a deal!) – it’s good until May 21st. Here’s the link:
“My Brother’s Keeper” is also available in my 4th collection – Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND.


I’m working hard to pull together More And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND (Out of My Mind Collection #7) so I can upload everything and begin the preorder campaign. Will include the following stories:

Finding Sanctuary
Dredging Things Up
Behind the 8-Ball
Saturday He Fed the Cat

Hope to have it out there no later than this Sunday. That will be less than 2 weeks to preorder before the June 3rd release date.


William Mangieri’s writing, including his latest ePub “Solid People”, can be found in many places, including:
• Smashwords:
• His Amazon Author page:
• Barnes & Noble:
• Createspace (if you prefer physical books):
• His site on WordPress:
• “William Mangieri’s Writing Page” on Facebook at:
• His Goodreads author page:
• Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri


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