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Forecast Friday: This Business of Space

They’re cloning puppies in Asia. It’s amazing that they could do it – although the motivation and thinking of people who put down $100,000 to duplicate a beloved family pet – there is so much more to an animal than its DNA. No matter how much it looks like your Fido, IT ISN’T YOUR FIDO.
You can see it coming in the future – your spouse dies at an early age and you have the opportunity to clone them for who knows how many gazillion dollars. And the tech will be good, and they’ll look just like them, it will even be a person, BUT NOT THE PERSON YOU LOST. Really – do you think that you are nothing but your physical parts?
So, what does this have to do with me thinking I might be able to get to Mars (or – to be honest – watch someone else do it before I die)?
Well, not that I think it’s a good idea for this cloning to be going on like this, but I believe it’s happening outside the U.S. because our regulations make it very slow-going, if not impossible to do. Sure, those unregulated scientists might unleash some moral or ethical quandary, or a worldwide plague – but they will bring knowledge and change. Some control is needed, but the more control, the tighter the chain, the less freedom to innovate and achieve.
Our government is too bloated, has its tentacles in too many things, and is trying to reach into everything else. This is starting to look like a sea-change election year – there’s a lot of anger out there about all the government overreach, and there’s movement on several fronts to put the brakes on the government and the various non-elected bureaucrats in the EPA, NEA, VA and like agencies.
My hopes to make it to Mars are on the upswing.
It won’t be because of big government. And it won’t be because of NASA (although they deserve a lot of credit for laying the groundwork) – they are subject to the whims of ideologues who are willing to scrap NASA’s inspirational and exploration functions in favor of… watching the weather.
It will happen because of private enterprise, from companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and others. As with everything else, innovations don’t matter when they’re inside a government lab. Sure, they’re exciting to think about, but that’s all it is – thinking. They have to come to market to become transformative. That’s what the private sector does: brings ideas into the real world.
Sure there will be mistakes along the way. You can’t make progress without taking risks – but companies that make too many mistakes don’t stay in business very long. That’s not the way government works, but in business, you have to succeed.
Mars or bust!
Just saying…


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