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Sum-it-up Sunday: Captain America, Electoral Criteria, and Bathroom Thinking

This week is my inaugural “Sum-it-up Sunday”, in which I hit briefly on a few things that have been going on lately…


Captain America has been a symbol to many people about what’s right about America since he first appeared in a comic in 1941. He is only a fictional character, but even as that, he has a certain code, and a way of thinking and behaving that has been a role model for millions, as well as a positive representation to put forward to the rest of the world. Now, Marvel Comics has decided to change the character – he has ALWAYS been a Nazi spy? Really? Let’s set aside from the fact that it makes no sense from a character story standpoint when analyzing 70 years of public and private patriotic heroism.
So why do it, then? Is there an agenda here? Some ulterior motive to tear down a positive symbol? How would I know – I’m not the thought police. But regardless of motive, that’s what they’re doing. I can feel it (and I don’t even read comic books.)


People seem to have all sorts of criteria for deciding who would make a good president. Are they polite? Who has the best hair? What’s their gender? What color is their skin? Do they dress well? Who would you want to have a beer (or burger) with?
This isn’t supposed to be a popularity contest, but I guess that’s what it’s turned into. We might as well let high school students vote now – they already think that way.


So now the same masterminds who so effectively brought us Obamacare and the Iranian Nuclear Enablement deal have now decided that they know best which restrooms we should all be using. Why am I neither surprised or impressed?

Just saying…


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