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Meandering Monday about Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day.

I keep forgetting – I’m posting this in a blog which can be read by anyone, anywhere. Here in the United States, we are having a holiday to honor and remember those who have given the supreme sacrifice – members of our military who have died in service to our country.

As I write that description for my possibly foreign readers, I realize that, sadly, there are many people in my own country who need to hear this explanation. You see, in the U.S., we take advantage of a handful of holidays to create 3-day weekends (in the U.S., Monday through Friday is considered the work week, so the weekend is usually two days); Memorial Day has become one of those. The stereotypical celebration for most people is picnics, or going to the lake, barbecuing outside, and just generally taking advantage of the fact that most people aren’t working.

This isn’t the case for many people – most food service and retail at least were open on all three days (what would Memorial Day be without a Memorial Day SALE?), but by and large, it’s a time to not be working as much. There will be parades, although those seem to be becoming less and less frequent (budget shortfalls and insurance costs.) There will be the obligatory wreath-laying photo-op, and a few more flags flying. But then most people will go about their day more grateful for the time off and the fun they’re having than for what made their play-time possible – the real reason for the holiday – the countless men and women who gave their lives to protect the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of their fellow citizens.

And in many ways, those lives also enabled the quality of life  of countless millions around the world. So maybe, they too, can take a few moments to say a quiet thank you for those who sacrificed to make the world a better place for everyone.

Just saying…


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