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Forecast Friday: ABC News Projects Joe Biden To Defeat Donald Trump

At 11:45pm ET, ABC News declares Joe Biden the winner in California and calculates that the Democratic nominee will secure 275 electoral votes to defeat Donald Trump and become the 45th President of the United States.

President Elect Biden accepted a congratulatory call from Republican challenger Trump, which he referred to as “surprisingly cordial” as he addressed supporters at his Wilmington, Delaware campaign headquarters.

Only five months ago, Vice President Biden was not even a candidate for the presidency, having declared that he would not run in a memorable speech from the Rose Garden the previous October. Who could have imagined that Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee throughout most of the primary season, would withdraw her candidacy. With Senator Sanders unable to gather enough delegates to win the noination, the amiable Uncle Joe was drafted to take up the Democrat banner with running mate Elizabeth Warren.

I thought to write this entire post from the future, but then it would leave out some of the why I’m thinking this way. And I also haven’t quite figured out HOW it will happen, just that it will.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote down where I thought the election was heading (and shared it with a few people, so I can prove I’m not making it up. On the Republican side I wasn’t sure whether it would be Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, so I listed both with their running mates. Senator Cruz validated my prediction by selecting Carly Fiorina just before he suspended his campaign. I’m now pretty sure that Mr. Trump will NOT pick the perpetually annoying John Kasich; there was a point to it back then, but I see no sense in it now. Then again, I haven’t seen sense in much that Trump has done, so who really knows?

The centerpiece of my thinking was on the Democrat side. I could not understand HOW anyone could believe that Hillary Clinton would make a strong candidate with all the baggage she has. She is a known liar, perceived by many as one of the villains of Benghazi, touting her role as Secretary of State during the growth of Isis, Russian aggression, the Iranian Nuclear deal, and other foreign policy fiascos. She is acknowledged as highly unlikeable and untrustworthy by a majority of people, even in her own party. And how could the chief persecutor of her husband’s abused accusers be believable as a champion against the “War on Women”?

And then there’s the tiny little issue of the illegal activities with Madame Secretary’s emails. This has been coming out in dribs and drabs, but way back when it all started, I began to believe that this would be her undoing as a candidate – at least if the current administration decided she was either too poor a candidate, or too poor a candidate.

Ultimately, Hillary Clinton will be asked privately, or pressured with the threat of indictment, and will withdraw her candidacy for health reasons, or the good of the party, or the good of her own skin.

You see, Hillary is a horrible campaigner who probably would lose to Trump if for no other reason that Trump would be perfectly willing to attack her (and Bill) on all her weaknesses – and then some. This must be evident to the Democrat power-brokers by now, and they’ve had Biden waiting in the wings just in case.

You see, if you paid attention to that Rose Garden speech, it didn’t sound like a man who didn’t want to run for President. It was the speech of a man who felt h would be a great President, but didn’t have the time to go through the primary season. If only his son hadn’t died…

Joe Biden will come across as a sympathetic, kind, rational, fatherly, even Presidential figure versus a brash, bellicose, and bullying blowhard. Despite his own duplicitous nature, his plagiarism, his fabrications, he doesn’t carry the negatives that Trump or Hillary do. And that will be enough for him to win the Presidency.

What an election year!

Just saying…


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