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Forecast Friday: President Elect Trump Kicks Off First GET OVER IT Tour

**Yes, I know this contradicts last week’s Forecast Friday prediction of Joe Biden winning the presidency. Get over it. Consider this an alternate future (let’s see you try to predict the future and have it all be logically consistent. As if…)

President Elect Donald Trump left the White House following a transition meeting with a peevish President Obama this afternoon and boarded Trump Force One to begin a ten-city “Get Over It” Tour, possibly the first of many.

There was little time to talk with reporters as he left Washington and boarded his private jet, but the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY INSULTER filled the twitterverse with enough material to keep journalists busy and his detractors clawing the air in frustration.

“He didn’t think I’d win, either. And next time, the illegals and the dead won’t get to vote. The DEMs need a new constituency.”

“I gave him some pointers on where to buy some nice clothes. Her, too.”

“Clothing doesn’t make the man a woman, or the other way around. You have to look at other things – like HANDS.”

“You can’t LET people win – they do it themselves or it doesn’t count. And you NEVER let your enemies win. Iran – Isis – I don’t care.”

“Sure our enemies will call us names – but it won’t be WIMPS.”

“I love our MILITARY, but not what they’ve been turned into – we’re going to implement some DESENSITIVITY TRAINING.”

“You can’t stop bullies by making rules. Bullies don’t mess with people who can defend themselves – we’ll teach THAT in the schools.”

“Robert Frost was a great American poet. He wrote this poem called THE WALL. That’s right, people – THE WALL is poetry.”

Effectively silenced by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS for decades, the GET OVER IT movement picked up steam with Trump’s announcement that he was entering the campaign for President of the United States. With each “obviously inflammatory and disqualifying” statement made by the newly minted Republican candidate, the pundits were baffled that his popularity increased rather than tanking.

Ultimately, what won the day? It wasn’t Conservatives or Progressives, Democrats or Independents or Republicans, the Big Spenders or the Media. It was that a country under the stifling pall of Political Correctness and Victim Sensitization found someone who truly didn’t care what people would think – HE SAID IT ANYWAY. In the end, that’s what they were looking for.

The return of the brash American. Just saying…


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