Sum-it-up Sunday: Grieving, Teaching, Leeching, and Screeching

I am only trying to present what to me are common sense thoughts – I never mean for “Sum-it-up Sunday” to offend. It is intended to provoke a reaction that is far more dangerous to some: THINKING. If you find yourself offended, the best thing you can do for yourself is learn to deal with it rationally. Yeah, I know – more thinking…


Christina Grimmie, a singer who appeared on The Voice in 2014 (she finished third) was gunned down in Orlando yesterday while signing autographs. She died in the hospital about 4 hours later. I loved her voice, but more importantly, she was, from what I saw of her, and the initial outpouring of tweets and such, a sweet, positive girl who was doing her best to use the talents she had and who will be sorely missed. Regardless, she didn’t deserve to die. She was 22. TWENTY-TWO.

At this writing a motive hasn’t been discovered, but the consensus in all the reports was that this was not a spontaneous act – that it was planned out. Eventually, the specific motive (excuse) will be discovered and reported, but we need to address the larger, underlying social issue. What is it about the last few decades that’s fostering creatures who are SO INTO THEMSELVES that they have no regard for the LIFE, LIBERTY or HAPPINESS of OTHERS? That’s the problem we need to solve.

BTW – I think the perp’s name has appeared online and in the news far too much already. No more, please.


A Louisiana State Representative refuses to allow children to be taught the Declaration of Independence in their public schools, because of slavery. Mind you, the beliefs stated in the Declaration were in large part responsible for why slavery was finally outlawed. That, and the contention petween the pro and anti slavery parties in Philadelphia is a valuable historical lesson, but some people want to outlaw everything that came from any place or time that had any sort of oppression. Or the more easily confusing UNFAIRNESS. As though there has ever been any UTOPIA that was clear of these issues.

I wonder how this rep feels about teaching students about Mein Kampf? Or The Communist Manifesto? Or Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book?

Her selectiveness aside, leaving things out while teaching SELECTIVE history seems doomed to enforce the results warned of by “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”


In another school matter, the Obama administration wants us to make sure we foster immigrants keeping their native language in our schools. Aside from the monetary side of this (how does it not cost extra to teach in multiple languages?), how exactly does this create a diverse AND UNIFIED citizenry? Put the kids in different classes from each other, so the DIVERSE don’t mix? (And exactly why doesn’t this sort of segregation bring up cries of separate but NOT EQUAL)?

The government should be thinking of ways to UNITE us, not DIVIDE us.


Hillary is declared the Democrat nominee before the California primary. Odd – if all the SUPER DELEGATES (another word for the Democrat’s ELITES) who said they would vote for her at the start of all this had pledged to vote for Bernie instead, he would be the presumptive nominee right now. Are the SUPER DELEGATES really committed, or can they change their minds?

Just saying…


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