Sum-it-up Sunday: Orlando, Clarity, Protection from the Protected

I am only trying to present what to me are common sense thoughts – I never mean for “Sum-it-up Sunday” to offend. It is intended to provoke a reaction that is far more dangerous to some: THINKING. If you find yourself offended, the best thing you can do for yourself is learn to deal with it rationally. Yeah, I know – more thinking…


Last week, when I posted about Christina Grimmie’s murder, I hadn’t looked at the news yet – I didn’t know about the Pulse Massacre until after I posted. Both tragedies in Orlando, both senseless killings by people with no regard for the lives of others. Of course, only one of them pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Donald Trump sees this as the important factor. He’s doubling down on his idea of banning Muslim immigration until we have this figured out. The perp was a U.S. citizen, not an immigrant. Still, if we don’t have a better test to determine whether someone’s a jihadist, what else makes sense?

President Obama was kind enough to point that out, but then he harps on how people on the Terrorist watch list shouldn’t be able to buy guns. Maybe someone should point out to him that the perp had been off the list for a couple of years. Of course, if this administration wasn’t working so hard to pretend there isn’t a radical Islamist problem, maybe the perp would have stayed on the list longer? Or been put back on the list with those trips to Saudi Arabia…


Words mean things, and they can be a little confusing when dealing with nuanced, dissembling speakers. In Mr. Obama’s speech in Orlando, he referred to KILLERS WHO WANT TO TERRORIZE US, which is consistent with his inability to call it what it is. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to refer to the problem as TERRORISTS WHO WANT TO KILL US?


Orlando has had a tough few days in the spotlight – they also added the tragedy of a two-year-old being taken and killed by an alligator in the magic kingdom. I’m glad Disney has decided to put up signs warning about this now to help explain the NO SWIMMING signs.
Someone asked me why on earth Disney decided to build a theme park with alligators right there. I’m not so sure they were an issue when the park opened. There used to be a shortage of alligators, but they’re even showing up in Dallas, now. I think we’ve had enough of that, thank you.

Just saying…


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