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Meandering Monday about Protection Paradigms

The guidance on a commercial plane in the event of a hijacking used to be to do what you were told by the hijackers – this was considered your best option for survival (you were on a plane, and you couldn’t run away, and the hijackers would generally just want to take the plane somewhere. 9-11 happened, and the paradigm started to shift – after 3 jets were deliberately crashed by the terrorists, the passengers of FLIGHT 93 realized that the old protocol was useless and did what they could to try to either save themselves or at least reduce their attackers’ body count.

Since then, the cockpit and security have been hardened, but in several incidents that we know of, the passengers have taken it upon themselves to stop the perps.

Now let’s say you’re attacked on the street, the protocol is still the old “do what you’re told” – except don’t let them take you anywhere less public. The protocols assume that (unless they want to take you somewhere else), the predator will leave you to live if they get what they want. The guidance is to help the INDIVIDUAL victim survive.

Even if you decide to be a little more proactive and get training from self-defense instructors, it is SELF-DEFENSE. You may be shown ways to injure the attacker JUST ENOUGH so he won’t follow. The idea is for the individual (and maybe whoever’s with them) to ESCAPE and SURVIVE. Of course, this doesn’t stop the perp from attacking anyone else, but that’s not YOUR problem.

Active-shooter protocols say – first and foremost – ESCAPE (save yourself), next HIDE (save yourself), and, if you have no other choice, find something to use as a weapon, and, if successful, RUN AWAY (save yourself.) Of course, what most active shooters are trying to do is kill as many people as possible. This means that when you have escaped, they may just find other people to kill. But that again, is not your problem.

But shouldn’t it be?

I’ve felt for decades (literally) that letting a criminal of any sort get what they want from you without doing everything in your power to stop them just sets up other innocents for more attacks. (And why would I trust anyone who’s already threatening my life to NOT kill me when they’re done, but that’s not my point here.)

I think we need to change our paradigm. There are people out there who want to kill as many of us as they want, and they’re not going to stop if we run away. The first thing we should consider is how to TAKE THEM DOWN. It’s our duty to protect ourselves, and as many of our fellows as we can. Learn how to defend yourself actively – not by simply surviving, but by eliminating the threat. Handgun training, or whatever else you think will contribute to that cause.

And let’s put an end to the gun-free zone fantasy. The Pulse was a gun-free zone, but the terrorist violated it. It was unfortunate that no one else did – hundreds were there, but no one to stop him.

The paradigm needs to shift. You would think by now, 15 years after 9-11, that it would have. But shifts aren’t instantaneous – they take time. When the automobile came on the scene, even after Henry Ford changed things so the horseless carriage was affordable to many, the buggy-whip industry didn’t just throw up their hands and stop making buggy-whips. There was a transition period, with people arguing for which way to go.

Paradigm shifts don’t happen immediately – but they do happen.

I am glad to see that, despite the political rhetoric being thrown around about solving this with gun control, there has been an upsurge in gun purchases and training, particularly among the LBGT community. The free market always knows best. As the saying goes, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

Just saying…


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