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Sum-it-up Sunday: Brexit, Brats, and Breaks

Brexit passed; the Brits decided they want to control their own country and leave the E.U. , and the world is going to end (it’s amazing to me that the news reports show most of the populace devastated, when more than half of them wanted this.) How long has Britain been a nation – a thousand years or so? How long were they in the E.U. – forty?

I wonder what will happen if we ever leave the U.N….


The U.S. Congress has gone on their Independence Day recess, but first the Democrats decided to act the age of people who need to have recess. For me, the derision isn’t even about whether they even had a point – this was about decorum and tantrums. Where are the adults?


I had the pleasure of going to see Captain America: Civil War with my son for Father’s Day. A great movie, although I’m not sure what message they were trying to promote. There seemed to be a lot of complaining about The Avenger team not keeping some people alive while saving the rest of the planet. No one should try to stop the bad guys because someone might get hurt? Newsflash: if you don’t stop the bad guys, people WILL get hurt. Sometimes you have to make a stand.

Just saying…


WolvesWillComeCoverThis week’s Smashwords coupon is for “The Wolves Will Come”:

How will you answer when they are at your door?

The Tribe is leaving their world for a new home, but Bear is too old to make the journey. It is of no real consequence – neither is it in him to run from his enemies, nor to abandon his heart’s home. It’s just a matter of time before the Exiled find him – or will age and the wolves get to him first?

The expression “The Wolves Will Come” was supposed to be a negative and represent a danger; colonists are on the run from their enemies, and they are forced to leave their home and their elderly behind. I wanted the elder to be abandoned by necessity, but proudly, not as a victim. It wasn’t until I started writing that the tribal, pseudo Native American flavor seeped into it, and from there the wolves came. It seemed natural that the wolf in his solitude would have a commonality with the old man that the two didn’t share with their own kind, and that they would bond.

Use coupon code CM25R to get 67% off the cover price at Smashwords (that’s only 99-cents – such a deal!) – it’s good until July 2nd  Here’s the link:

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MatingRitualsCoverUp next for publication: “Mating Rituals”

It’s been so long…

Manti has only one night left on Cuniculus before she returns to Cesilli – why not spice up a paid hit with a little romance?

“Mating Rituals” is a very short, speculative fiction that came to me out of nowhere (well, I heard Manti beginning her monologue inside my head, so I guess that’s where it actually came from. There are SO MANY voices running around in there…) The release date is July 1st, but you can preorder now at a REDUCED PROMOTIONAL PRICE at all the usual places, including (but not limited to):




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