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Sum-it-up Sunday: Murder, Mayhem, Moms

The Democrats spent a lot of time at their convention on victims of gun violence. Conspicuously absent: victims of illegal immigrants (Kate Steinle?), emphasis on Chicago (isn’t that the current gun violence capital?), jihadist victims (San Bernardino? Orlando?) and cops (Dallas or Baton Rouge family members anywhere?) I guess that means gun violence is okay … Continue reading

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Selling Saturday: Smashwords Coupon for “New Antiques”and the Last 2 Days of Summer/Winter Sale on All My Collections

This week’s Smashword’s coupon is for “New Antiques”: Tim Crabtree takes time out of his daily harassment by the local bullies to wonder why his new neighbors have built a forty-foot pole in their backyard. Are they trying to get hit by lightning? If he only knew… “New Antiques” was yet another go at a … Continue reading

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Sum-it-up Sunday: Honor, Honesty, Horror

Senator Ted Cruz gave an excellent speech Wednesday night, one of the best of this year’s Republican Convention. He managed to work in the Military, Law Enforcement, Freedom, The Constitution, We the People vs Big Government, and highlighted the differences between what Republicans and Democrats stand for, and that the Republican Party must be united … Continue reading

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Selling Saturday: Smashwords Coupon for “Dempsey’s Debut”; Summer/Winter Sale on My Collections Continues

This week’s Smashword’s coupon is for “Dempsey’s Debut”: How would you like to be abducted by alien mantises for some live entertainment, and that just because of your namesake? Jack Dempsey feels ‘boxed’ in when he’s forced to carry on the family name, and certainly doesn’t want to become part of the Krills’ warped mating … Continue reading

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Forecast Friday: Just Like Magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke The EmDrive (see link to MIT Tech Review article HERE) is magic; if I’m reading the article correctly, it doesn’t require fuel and would revolutionize space travel. It violates the law of conservation of momentum – one of the “what we all know” … Continue reading