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Forecast Friday: The Ties That Bind

Nothing fancy today – no predictions; just wondering where we’re going to wind up…

What was all the freaking out about Brexit? Was it that a people decided to return to being responsible for themselves instead of subjugating their nation to an distant, unaccountable bureaucracy? Or was it even more insidious – the powers that be seeing what they thought of as the inevitable path to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT stalled? We were all supposed to be on a happy march toward UTOPIA. Instead we seem to be moving into true SELF-government.

I remember there were people who panicked when the Soviet Union lost control – first of their satellite slave-states, and then when the entire USSR uncobbled itself. How could the world survive without central control? What could we rely on?

Change is a tough thing for most of us to handle. So is freedom.

The Industrial Revolution: there was a time when technological advances forced conformity – for efficiency, everyone needed to fit into the mold assigned to them. Here lately, though, customization to the needs AND FREEDOM of the individual is what’s been enabled. People used to only connect with others geographically – now we form communities that have nothing to do with where we live. Our loyalties are stretched beyond the traditional boundaries.

We can break our ties and form new ones quicker than before. We can decide who we want to associate with (and not); who we will listen to. Who we will believe.


Will there still be the traditional states and nations? Of course. Somehow, the bad guys can still kill us in the real world, even if we block them on Facebook. So there will always be a need for local, PHYSICAL government. But the hold of a central government on us is not what it was. Funny – with our communities spreading out across the globe, we prefer our government closer.

It’s a smaller world. Just saying…


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