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Meandering Monday about Independence Day

Today, the United States celebrates our Declaration of Independence (centered around that document) from Great Britain. This day isn’t just about the decision of one nation to declare itself free of another – it’s about the freedom of the INDIVIDUAL to be INDEPENDENT of the government.

Our Constitution (which our troops and federal office-holders – yes, EVEN the President – are sworn to defend, uphold, and protect) is a document designed to define our form of government, but it’s main purpose is to restrict that government from impinging on the God-given rights of the people. This was created by a people who believed that if a government becomes destructive of (the rights of the people), it is the right of those people to alter or abolish it. The Constitution is not a limit on the people.

Of course, just like the Bible, any sufficiently general document can be twisted around to mean whatever a less than intellectually honest person wants.

I heard last week of a federal judge who thinks there’s no point in paying attention to the Constitution (he is not alone in this – how else could he hold his position?) – after all, it was written over 200 years ago, and things have changed. Yes, the times and technology have changed, but the principles have not. We still have the same God-given rights, and there are still would-be tyrants in the world. No matter how long we wait for the human race to evolve, there will always be those who think they know how to spend your money better than you, use your property better than you, and insist on making you live the way they think you should.

Strangely, many of these masterminds wind up in government. You’d think people who are so smart could read their operating instructions.

The founders made this a NATION OF LAWS, but they knew that ultimately, a government is made up of people, and people are NOT angels. This is why we have a system of checks and balances, to keep any one part of the government – and any one man – from overstepping his bounds. Unfortunately, that system counts on a moral society to create the leaders to police it, so we now have three branches that to varying degrees have lost sight of their responsibility and honor in favor of their own self-interest. It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to remind them what this country is about.

As you celebrate with fireworks and hot dogs and apple pie and all the rest of the fun, remember – the rights to these, AND SO MUCH MORE, are YOURS – not the government’s. Keep yours. Take the time today to REDECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE.

Just saying…


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