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Writing Wednesday: Dreaming the Life

As I’ve written before (too many times to count), one of the greatest tools I have discovered as a writer is the PUBLIC DECLARATION OF GOALS (and then the accompanying fear of PUBLIC failure and humiliation that accompanies their publication.) If you haven’t tried it, you don’t realize how much productivity you are capable of.

Here’s where I stand on meeting my writing goals at the end of quarter 2:

1. 3000 words (of fiction)/week – I have managed to climb back out of the basement I was in at the end of Q1, and I have a per week average of 1818 words so far this year. On a positive note (we must ALWAYS look for a silver lining), I’ve made my quota in 7 different weeks this year, which is already more than in any other year other than 2015 (and I’m more than half-way to beating that if I keep up the pace.) If only I can get some consistency; there are too many individual days when I don’t write anything at all…

2. 12 new stories written and out the door by end of year – 5 stories completed and making the rounds (added “Immortal”), plus Detective Jimmy Delaney stories #5 (“Killing Them Softly”) and #6 (“Hard Times”) are waiting for their final revisions, so I will say I’ve “finished” 6 stories. (Both of those Jimmy’s are novelettes; @ 14,000 words each.) But this means I’m only half-way through my story quota, and I still have Swordsmaster (my first novel) to finish. It is not promising…

3. 1-week turn-around on getting rejected stories sent to another market – Still maintaining the schedule.

4. Indie publish SOMETHING every 4 weeks – on schedule (“Solid People”, the collection More, And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND, and “Mating Rituals” were added to my eBookshelf.)

5. Eventually post to blog every day – I am now posting blogs 5 days per week. If I had stayed on schedule, I would have a sixth one by now, but I’ve had to decide that enough is enough. I may occasionally add in a Topical Tuesday or Thinking Thursday, but I’m already seeing the traffic increase I had hoped for, and I need to devote more time to my fiction.

6. Complete Swordsmaster – I have still done nothing toward revising and rewriting last year’s 57300-word rough draft. I think it likely that I won’t start this until mid-September. Hopefully I’ll have my twelve stories done by then…

7. Read six novels I haven’t gotten to on the list of David Pringle’s 100 Best Sci-Fi Novels – I am still completely failing this one, and it’s time to pitch it. Unless I can find more of these in audio books, I just don’t have time to read. Another thing – although the list has many classics on it, much is horribly out of date and out of step with what’s in the current speculative fiction market. I would be better served to read newer material.

This is the spot where I bemoan my true lack of time for my writing, being only able to write part-time, and turn my green-eyed envy on those anointed ones who are actually able to do this full-time. It’s funny, though – I read THEIR blogs, and I see how they don’t make as good use of their time as they could be, either. It seems to be an occupational hazard – even when it IS an OCCUPATION.

Keep at it, and someday we’ll all be LIVING THE DREAM instead of DREAMING THE LIFE.

Just saying…


TheRedBarrensCoverThis week’s personal Smashwords coupon is for “The Red Barrens”:

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