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Forecast Friday: How Do We Time Travel?

PassedLifeCoverTime travel is one of my favorite science fiction themes, and is largely considered impossible, which means we can theorize about it all we want and not be any more wrong than the next guy. At least until someone finally DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE, and it isn’t science fiction anymore.
When I wrote “Passed Life” a few years back, I had this idea that you could travel backwards and forwards, but the you couldn’t really change anything – things still happened the way they were going to, although you could mess yourself up if two of yourself were sharing the same time (there was only one timeline.)
More recently, when I wrote “Choosing the Right Time”, my thinking on time travel had evolved into radiating time-lines ChoosingTheRightTimeCoverPubIt– an infinite number of possibilities, of futures and pasts varying from each other due to the smallest variation in details – this is the future where Tom dropped his key.

In The Time-Traveler’s Wife, a man physically travels through time out of sequence, but he’s still aging as he goes, so when he’s forty-ish during a segment of his life that happened in his twenties, it’s obvious he’s out of place (or more properly, out of TIME.)
I vaguely remember a show (I don’t think I saw it – I believe I was TOLD about it, so if anyone reading this can figure out what show it was, please reply; it may have been on PBS around the 70’s), where a man was experiencing his life out of sequence – his consciousness was jumping around in such a way that he knew that, at the sequential end of his life he would be shot during a lecture, because he experienced part of that lecture throughout the story, yet there were other parts of his life that he was totally clueless about. I think he did experience every instant before he died.
But in real life, we only go in one direction – it’s just that some are travelling faster than others. It seems to go faster when we’re older, but it’s not that. I think that we have more energy when we’re younger, and we’re running down the up escalator, trying not to get to the top too fast. But eventually we all get where we’re going.
We’re all travelling through time – and into the future.
Just saying…


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