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Sum-it-up Sunday: Indecency, Innocents, Identification

A memorial was held Tuesday for the five officers in Dallas who were murdered by a white-hating gunman. President Obama came ostensibly to honor the fallen, but managed to fault police as a whole for their racism in the course of his lengthy, politically motivated speech. This was a classless appearance; and yet, sadly, totally expected.

What if, at a memorial service for the 3000 people who dies on 9-11, President Bush had chosen to “honor” them by talking about how the attacks were America’s fault? Imagine if Obama had spoken at the Orlando Pulse memorial and pointed out to the gay mourners that they had to understand how their existence and behavior angered their Muslim killer.

The police did not cause this, and did not deserve this classless and indecent display.


Gun control doesn’t seem to have stopped the terrorist in Nice from having and using a gun (yes, aside from using the truck as a weapon, he shot people, too.) Where’s the cry for truck control? (oh, wait – we have licensing rules for that – don’t we?)

This killing of innocents is not about the choice or availability of weapons; it’s about a total disregard for the life, liberty and happiness of others – whether it’s a case of extreme narcisim, or just an ideology of death. That’s what we need to get a handle on.


ABC Nightline ran a story about the “epidemic” of gun VIOLENCE in the U.S. The count they made over a ten-day span included suicides, accidents, and righteous shootings (such as self-defense by citizens and cops.) Why include all of that? Was it just to inflate the numbers to fit a narrative of people who think that GUNS are the problem?

Accidents can be reduced by teaching people – especially children – to be responsible with guns. The NRA does this – why don’t our schools? Suicides will happen with or without a gun – this is a mental health issue. And I have NO DESIRE to reduce the number of people who thwart a home invasion, mugging, or rape by shooting their attacker, nor to have the police put themselves in any more danger than they already are as they try to figure out how to not shoot someone who’s shooting at them.

We don’t have a GUN violence problem in the U.S. – we have a gun CRIME problem. And just like with dealing with Islamic jihad, the first step to solving a problem is to properly identify it. Heck – any recovering alcoholic knows this.

Just saying…


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