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Meandering Monday about Wandering off the Path

Meandering is a way of life for me.

In Bill’s Theory of Punnification™, puns don’t happen deliberately. Vocabulary is stored in the human mind in a contextual way – baking terms are connected together in one place, finances in another, etc. One day you’re talking about how your fledgling bakery is doing, and when you try to talk about bringing on investors, you say: “I need people with DOUGH”, even though you may have never used this term for money in your life.

One thing leads to another.

In Bill’s mind, this happens all the time, but not just with individual words. Any conversation or internal thinking can start a free flow of thoughts, and mine tend to depart from where the conversation started through a series of loosely connected ideas, so that, in the end, what I’m thinking about has no seeming relation to where it started.

This can be inconvenient at the least; it means that my attention meanders off the path I was trying to establish as I tried to think through a problem, and I have to start over. And as I get older, it becomes more difficult to retrace my steps, so good luck with that. How many times have I solved world peace? I wonder…

This can be very embarrassing, when it happens while someone else is trying to talk to me, and comes off as just plain rude if I don’t manage to cover it up somehow. I was going to say “even if it’s an insignificant conversation”, but the fact is there are really NO INSIGNIFICANT conversations – all involve another person, trying to connect, and their thoughts are no less important to them than mine are to me. If I want to have any human interactions at all, then I need to focus, which isn’t easy, even with more important conversations that are not only about interacting with others, but dealing with serious, life-altering situations where not staying on topic can have dire consequences. That’s when I spend my time internally slapping myself to stay on the other person’s path, instead of wandering off and getting lost in the forest of my own thoughts.

Because let’s face it – a Twix bar can cover up some things, but it can’t help you find your way out of the woods.

Just saying…


CloseEnoughCoverThis week’s Smashword’s coupon is for “Close Enough”:

Could a Messier object be any messier? A government server glitch leaves Max Keppler no time to react to the comet barreling toward his and Rebecca’s asteroid claim. See Max deal with an uppity A.I., an unhelpful helpdesk, and a comet named Napoleon as he works to minimize the impact of this sudden impact on their already shaky relationship.

“Close Enough” was shortened from “close enough for government work.” It’s bad enough here on Earth; how badly could a distant, non-responsive agency botch things over planetary distances, and what kind of NORMAL people might put themselves in a position to depend on that agency?

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Only 11 days until my next release; hope I figure out what it is soon…


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