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Forecast Friday: Just Like Magic

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

EmDriveThe EmDrive (see link to MIT Tech Review article HERE) is magic; if I’m reading the article correctly, it doesn’t require fuel and would revolutionize space travel. It violates the law of conservation of momentum – one of the “what we all know” of the smart people – theoretical physicists who understand this stuff far better than I do. They criticized the idea – it was like “generating a thrust by standing inside a box and pushing on the sides.” Then again, even smart people can fall prey to their own orthodoxy. As mentioned in the article, when aerospace engineer Roger Shawyer presented his theory of the EmDrive ten years ago, it was ballyhooed as impossible.
Now there have been half a dozen independent tests that seem to prove Shawyer right, and a rudimentary theory developed by Plymouth University’s Mike McCulloch seems reasonably predictive and hints at explaining what’s happening. Eventually, the theorists will catch up with reality.
Another sign that I may eventually make it to Mars, no matter how impossible it seems.
Just saying…


CloseEnoughCoverThis week’s Smashword’s coupon is for “Close Enough”:

“Could a Messier object be any messier? A government server glitch leaves Max Keppler no time to react to the comet barreling toward his and Rebecca’s asteroid claim. See Max deal with an uppity A.I., an unhelpful helpdesk, and a comet named Napoleon as he works to minimize the impact of this sudden impact on their already shaky relationship.”

“Close Enough” was shortened from “close enough for government work.” It’s bad enough here on Earth; how badly could a distant, non-responsive agency botch thing over planetary distances, and what kind of NORMAL people might put themselves in a position to depend on that agency?
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