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Sum-it-up Sunday: Honor, Honesty, Horror

Senator Ted Cruz gave an excellent speech Wednesday night, one of the best of this year’s Republican Convention. He managed to work in the Military, Law Enforcement, Freedom, The Constitution, We the People vs Big Government, and highlighted the differences between what Republicans and Democrats stand for, and that the Republican Party must be united around its shared principles. And the need to do the right thing for your children and the following generations to preserve what’s right with America. Vote for those you believe will protect freedom both UP AND DOWN the ticket. Ted Cruz is a staunch defender of The Constitution, and has always been about honesty, honor, and principles.

He sincerely congratulated Donald Trump and didn’t attack him. And yet ALL the world could take from his speech was that he didn’t literally endorse Trump. I wish that everyone had really listened to what he said and taken it to heart. Then they might have interpreted, as Newt Gingrich did immediately following, that there was only one candidate running for President who would do what Senator Cruz advised: Donald Trump.

It is obvious from Trump’s reaction later that he (and many others) had expected Cruz to endorse him. When Trump invited Cruz to speak, he did it with no preconditions, and he knew exactly what Cruz was going to say 2 hours ahead of the speech. But nothing had changed between the two men – most importantly, Ted Cruz is still the same man who does what he says he will do, and selling that out for the sake of a speaking spot would have been the kind of quid pro quo I would expect from a less honorable man. I salute him.


The Republican Convention looked fine to me, even inspiring, but I made the mistake of recording it on PBS, where the theme seemed to be analyzing what was wrong with it and building a case for Trump to fail. Nationally, we spent days with the mainstream media attempting to tar a couple of speakers with charges of plagiarism and dishonesty. Will they do the same with Hillary’s coronation?

Of course, this amplifies one of the main reasons people listen to and support Trump instead of buying media bias.


The civilized world has been having a disturbing time of it for a while now. This month so far; Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge, Turkey, Munich, Wuerzburg, Nashville, too many instances throughout the Middle East to name (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Somalia, Yemen, etc.), Ukraine; the list goes on and on of unrest and conflagration throughout the world.

But be not afraid. In response to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican Convention, Barack Obama has reassured us that this is all nonsense -that there isn’t violence everywhere. Another signal that we are in an election year. Just like four years ago in Benghazi, all we have to do is find the perpetrator of this year’s video…

Just saying…


DempseysDebutCoverThis week’s Smashword’s coupon is for “Dempsey’s Debut”:

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I was thinking about an alien species judging us by our violent past (maybe not just judging us on it, but interested in us specifically because of it.) As all distant relationships go, they were not reading us quite right (they were seeing our gladiator movies and boxing and other entertainments as a depiction of what we are truly like.) An alien procures a human for entertainment at a party, and then has to deal with the demands of his guests. I intended this to be comic, and once I decided on the nature of the alien, that added to the comedy (I have a fascination with praying mantises – I’ve watched them since I was a boy, and they figure in at least one other of my stories.)

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