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Forecast Friday: Standing Up for HUMANS

I remember an old issue of OMNI magazine with a tongue-in-cheek article (it was APRIL) about a newly discovered species of GIANT FLYING VAMPIRE TOADS which were feeding on retirement community residents. This was thought to be okay, because the rare species needed to be protected. What’s a few old folks, after all?

Yes, this was an exaggeration of how some among us place less value on their fellow HUMANS than they do on NATURE, but illustrated a disturbing trend of people who have too much leisure time on their hands.

There was a recent article from MIT (it was NOT deliberate fiction – see the article HERE) which claimed that if we try to clear up some kinds of pollution (and I mean real, undisputed particulate pollution, not the bogusly vilified CO2), it may exacerbate the effects of Man Made Climate change. The start of the article claims that MILLIONS of people die because of this pollution, but that the particles actually help cool the planet. In the end, the author grudgingly says we shouldn’t NOT clean up pollution, but we need to be aware of the side effect if we do.

I know there are plenty of activists out there who think we should do anything we can to cool the planet. Forget about whether or not you even believe in Man Made Climate Change – we haven’t been warming for about 20 years. So what if people die in the process?

The production of energy has lifted the standard of life of billions of people, and will eventually bring even the least developed out of the stone age, increase their quality of life and their life expectancy. But there are TRUE BELIEVERS who would rather see those people die sooner than they need to so they don’t imperil the planet.

How can we claim to have compassion for our fellow HUMANS, but deny them the same right to climb out of the dark and into the light? And all over unproven (and often disproven) theories.

This is probably more meandering than I had intended for a Forecast Friday (and not the usual looking forward), but I’m worried about where we’re headed. If we’re going to survive as a species, we need to do everything we can to preserve as many HUMANS as possible, instead of imagining reasons for our existence to be a problem.

Just saying…


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When we leave Earth, will we forget what it’s like to be human?
Mr. Omega, the last unmodified man, stands trial for unthinkingly preserving his own life over that of a superior being.

“Obsolete” is a short, speculative fiction. I was wondering – as we FINALLY try to go into space, will our ability to alter ourselves become more cost effective than creating safety devices to protect us from the perils of space travel? And what will be the value of an ORIGINAL man?
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An alien procures a human for entertainment at a party, and then has to deal with the demands of his guests. I intended this to be comic, and once I decided on the nature of the alien, that added to the comedy (I have a fascination with praying mantises – I’ve watched them since I was a boy, and they figure in at least one other of my stories.)
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