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Meandering Monday about Outreach

My attempts to market my work continue. All of my collections were on sale at Smashwords, but the month and the Summer/Winter Sale have now ended. Time to look at more to REACH OUT; more kinds of OUTREACH.

The main political parties’ conventions are also over, and we have two candidates acknowledged to have high negatives, so each convention worked hard to make their candidate seem more likeable. Of course, the candidates have to maintain that newfound likeability for another 3 months. I don’t see it happening with either of them.

They’re singing to the choir in their own gatherings. Ultimately, both are trying to reach out to the people who aren’t with them – they’re trying to market themselves and make themselves more palatable to people who aren’t in their camp yet.

Isis seems to have a different tactic – they aren’t trying to appeal to anyone new – they’re reaching out to people who are already with them. Sadly, there are far too many people who are disconnected from humanity and looking for an excuse to kill someone. They’re videoed atrocities serve as both recruiting tools for these types, and intimidation for their opponents. Isis wants to up their market share by also eliminating those who aren’t with them.

I do my own little outreach here – I blog partly to share, but also to be more visible, so when I put out a coupon, or publish something new, more people might notice. Of course, I’m still trying to appeal to people who are already “in my camp.” Speculative fiction isn’t for everyone (well, it is, but not everyone likes it) – I need to appeal to people who already want to read it. I’m casting my line out there and gaining visibility and traffic, but I’m not quite getting the strike on the line I’m looking for.

Maybe I’m using the wrong bait. Just saying…


NewAntiquesCoverThis week’s Smashword’s coupon is for “New Antiques”:

Tim Crabtree takes time out of his daily harassment by the local bullies to wonder why his new neighbors have built a forty-foot pole in their backyard. Are they trying to get hit by lightning? If he only knew…

“New Antiques” was yet another go at a little bit of time travel, but I wanted to play with the mundane wonder of being a kid and having to deal with how fantastic reality can be. I saw this one play out visually like a movie as I wrote it.

Use coupon code YY92P to get 67% off the cover price at Smashwords (that’s only 99-cents – such a deal!) – it’s good until August 6th. Here’s the link:

“New Antiques” is also available in the collection – Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND.


Now that the release weekend for “Obsolete” is over, time to start looking toward my August 26th release date. It’s not good enough to just barely make the date – it takes time to do it right (the cover, the promo, the preorder.) I can’t let the decision of WHAT to release take up so much time. The top contender is Detective Jimmy Delaney #4 – “The Scent of the Crime”. I’ll decide this week.


William Mangieri’s writing, including his latest publication “Obsolete”, can be found in many places, including:
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