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Sum-it-up Sunday: Distortion, Deception, Defense

Hillary Clinton lies to Congress, lies to the American people, repeatedly mishandles National Security, violates the law in the handling and deletion of her emails, and is portrayed as the most qualified person to ever run for President. Donald Trump jokes about asking the Russians for the 30,000 ALLEGEDLY personal emails that Hillary deleted, and he is accused of TREASON. What else should we have expected from a party and media who managed to distort the public perception of Mitt Romney into one of the cruelest and immoral men in America? Certainly not honesty…


The Khans were invited to speak at the Democratic Convention for one reason – to attack Donald Trump. Here you had an immigrant family (check) who happen to be Muslim (check) with a military hero son (check.) I’m sure this seemed like a compelling refutation of Mr. Trump’s Muslim immigration ban. They could have chosen NOT to say anything about Trump and still made their point with subtlety. But instead they chose to attack him directly, and so of course, he replied (he is who he is, after all.)

Some clarification:

  1. Being a Gold Star Parent entitles you to gratitude, respect, and understanding. This does not mean you can say anything you want without reaction or repercussions. You reap what you sow.
  2. A temporary ban on immigration from terrorist laden countries (which is what Trump’s policy has been for some time) until EXTREME vetting can occur would NOT have kept the Kahn’s out permanently.
  3. Waving a copy of The Constitution makes a wonderful visual and sound-bite, but IT IS NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL to use a religious test when vetting potential immigrants – it is already part of the process.
  4. The United States has NO OBLIGATION to allow ANYONE to cross its borders just because they want to.
  5. The existence of one or more heroic and patriotic Muslims does not mean that the jihadist types don’t exist. It is the duty of the government to find a way to detect them and protect its citizens against them.

Sadly, all these facts seem to be meaningless. All that matters is the continuance of the “Trump is a mean man” narrative. So junior high.


The Liberal media continues driving the narrative – Trump understands that the best defense is a good offense and is good at stopping them himself, but it’s hard to do when the Republicans are falling in lockstep with their role on defense.

The choice of battlefield often determines the victor. Why do they persist in allowing the enemy to choose theirs? My advice: counter their narrative with your own.

Just saying…


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