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Forecast Friday: Exoskeletons

No – I’m not talking about what ants have naturally – this is about creating exoskeletons for human beings – a sort of kinder, gentler BORG-ing – not quite as invasive. Here’s a link to an article in MIT Tech Review  to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. (I’ve chosen the pictured article because I like the look, but there are links to other types of aids within the linked article.)

exosuitx634For the exoskeleton of the future to be elegant and ergonomic, it should be easily calibrated (hopefully automatically), so that movement can be regulated by what is needed. And this need and will vary (even in a single user’s lifetime – see examples of uses I list below), so the more automatic the calibration the better.

It will also need to have interfaces to interpret the user’s desired movement based on what their capability is – from the paralyzed who can provide little input, to the totally able-bodied who just need an assist.

Assuming that the interfaces and responsiveness can be worked out (and there’s no reason to believe otherwise), here are some possible uses for an elegant exoskeleton:

  1. Assist the elderly and others experiencing diminished capacity in maintaining and enhancing their independence, and their ability to function without needing special environments.
  2. Give that extra boost needed for terrestrial heavy lifting and other manual labor tasks – to grant more capacity as well as reducing risk of injury.
  3. Enhance an astronaut’s ability to function in varied gravities without extra effort (including not having to relearn how to move.)
  4. With a feedback system, provide the injured with isometric resistance to aid in healing and strengthening.
  5. To help returning Spacers to readjust to returning from zero-G (and keep them strong in space as in #4 above.)
  6. To help ALL of us do things that normal people just can’t (run faster, climb higher, etc.)

To me, the health applications are the most intriguing and beneficial. There are people all over this planet who SHOULD be getting more exercise but can’t, and so they remain sedentary, and they enter a downward spiral as their health lessens (muscles weaken, weight increases), they become even less mobile. Helping these people to get back on their feet and into an UPWARD spiral of more mobility and greater health would make a huge difference.

This is not far future – some of it is already here – but it will enable so much more.

Just saying…


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