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Sum-it-up Sunday: Ransom, Racket, Rich

So. We made a bad deal with Iran (and they’re still violating it, but we’ll keep letting them); did we have to pay ransom, too? What else would you call $400,000 in pallets of Swiss and Euro currency, delivered on an unmarked plane under cover of darkness? Why was it kept secret from Congress (who are STILL being stone-walled) and most of America? And why do our Iranian buddies claim that IT WAS RANSOM?

I even heard that one of the hostages waiting to be put ON a plane to leave Iran said they were told they had to wait for this plane to come in before they were released. No matter – the most important piece of news from the MEDIA’s perspective was that Donald Trump said that he saw a video.


So – at what point will corruption matter to the Democrats (or at least a majority of the country)? Hillary’s unethical use of OUR State Department in collusion with the Clinton Foundation for her own enrichment is now proven with the latest batch of exposed emails.

It’s a shame the FBI couldn’t find these emails after Hillary deleted them – but the Russians didn’t present them either; it took a Freedom of Information Act request by Citizens United (whom Hillary has vowed to shut down.) I guess I can see why she doesn’t like them – can’t have those CITIZENS taking things into their own hands.


Something needs to change in American politics: how do people who seem to be NOTHING BUT POLITICIANS become multi-millionaires? The Obamas are filthy rich – from doing what? Harry Reid has gotten rich in government. And there’s a host of others.

The Clintons released their 2015 tax returns, and they show $10.6 million dollars adjusted gross income (hmmm – I wonder if they included the take from their foundation in that?) Over $6milion was made in speeches by both Hillary and Bill. Just for speaking – REALLY? That’s RICH (pun & double entendre intended.)

Just saying…


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