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Meandering Monday about “Falling Skies” and Instant Gratification

I’m watching “Falling Skies” on Netflix – don’t remember why I didn’t watch it when it was originally on, but I love the show. I’ve just started Season 3, and it just keeps getting better (and – drat! – just found out there were only 5 seasons.)

When I was much, much younger, this would not have been possible. If you wanted to see a TV show, you had to make sure to see each episode on the exact day and time that it was first on. If you were lucky, the show might go into syndication and you could see it sometime in the future, but you’d still have to keep to your schedule if you wanted to see the series in sequence.

This changed a little with the advent of video recorders and the explosion of cable channels – you could record things to watch LATER, and you had multiple places to find older shows. Plus, now that you had players, you might even be able to BUY older shows and watch them whenever you wanted to.

Streaming expanded this further, and now you can pretty much see anything you want any time you want.

And we’ve become spoiled: spoiled because now we are so used to being able to get what we want when we want it, we don’t know how to compromise – how to settle.

We’ve become disorganized; we can’t seem to maintain any sort of schedule or meet our commitments because everything we care about happens when we feel like it.

And we’ve also become slightly less social. We used to share popular shows with each other “around the water cooler”, but now no one is watching the same show at the same time. We’re missing a chance to connect.

Of course, the people of “Falling Skies” have regained some of that because they’ve had their privileges and conveniences stripped from them, and they’ve been forced to socialize – or die. Now, I’d rather not have an alien invasion myself, but I’d hate to think that we would need one to get us back together.

I’m really not so sure it would work, anyway. I don’t think the INSTANT GRATIFICATION that we’ve become accustomed to translates well into a long-term war. Look at how hard it is to get people to stick with the war on terror. There were people whining at how long it was taking before W’s first term was over.

It would be a pity if some more grit has to be forced on us before we truly commit to winning. One 9-11 was enough for me.

Just saying…


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Gladius has served his Betelgeusean owners faithfully since he was first abducted from Taurus, but he’s about to find out that loyalty isn’t always a two-way street, and not all slaves are willing to settle for their lot. Maybe he’s not as bull-headed as he appears.

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ScentOfTheCrimeCoverNow available for preorders – Detective Jimmy Delaney story #4: “The Scent of the Crime”:

Detective Jimmy Delaney finds himself involved in yet another murder. He knows something smells in Barnstow, but can he use that to find the killer?

“The Scent of the Crime” is a short, private detective fiction set in the near future, with a slight sci-fi element fiction. And a little humor (Jimmy likes to think of himself as Sam Spade, but has more in common with Jim Rockford.) This one started just because I wanted to play with some advanced scent memory, I liked the title pun, and then the story took over. Hope you enjoy it!

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