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Forecast Friday: Will We Be Allowed to Decide for Ourselves?

I used to worry about technology making it so we didn’t have to think. Calculators reduced the need to be able to do math in your head. Fast food cash registers keep the less educated from having to think too hard about your order. The internet blessed us with the power to find any information we needed (and cursed us with shorter memories.

Augmented reality and remote communication is making it possible to only train one person to know how to fix things, and then guide menials do the actual work in the field.

Now tech is intruding into our personal decisions. Data’s been gathered on each of us, and the algorithms target individual marketing at each of us (that’s why at my advanced age I get hearing aid and cemetery ads instead of singles and cruises.)

Now we have digital assistants like Siri learning our likes and dislikes, and the internet of SMART things is coming.

Think of the smart television listening for you to ask it to show you something; this already exists, and it doesn’t just hear what you want it to do – it hears your EVERY word. Soon it will have other devices to talk to. And then imagine –

you walk into your living room and say “I want something fun to do” – just thinking out loud (heck, you probably won’t have to speak at all), and the TV turns itself on and offers you a comedy, while your eReader brings up a Calvin & Hobbs collection,

your phone calls the theatre to buy tickets to The Improv, and your oven warms up while the fridge sends an invite to your culinary club for a dinner party at your house in two hours. You can’t keep up with them all – and then Siri breaks through the cacophony and TELLS THEM which thing YOU want, and so you go along with it; you don’t even have to think for yourself.

How do you know if you’re really choosing what you would have liked to do when they eliminate your choices for you? It’s your life, isn’t it?

Just saying…


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