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Forecast Friday: Digital Clones

Identity theft is a pretty big issue nowadays – a cautious person will know not to put too much of themselves “out there” where impersonators can latch onto bits of private information and steal parts of their lives.

Well, here’s a worse scenario. In an MIT Tech Review interview (link here), Martine Rothblatt maintains that we will eventually have self-aware machines and software, and we will need to consider how to protect the personhood and rights of these non-humans. This is a recurring theme in scifi, but aside from the debate about the rights of sentient machines, Martine introduces something else into the mix.

She talks about how we upload all this information about ourselves, which becomes what she calls a “mindfile”. As digital assistants become more sophisticated, they’ll be able to take this data and become virtual clones of the original person. How will we determine whether the clone has its own identity? Or even whether the digital “person” loaded with the mindfile has as much claim to that data as the original.

Of course, Martine maintains that human minds are a collection of atomic reactions, and cyber intelligence could be that way, too, so how is the consciousness of a human mind any more valid than that of a digital one?

I’d really like to think that there’s more to us than an advanced digital assistant. Or a clever search engine.

Are we really nothing but programming and chemical reactions? Or is there something else that transcends the physical and truly defines our consciousness; a soul, perhaps? And if we can’t discover or define what that is, where it resides, and how to measure it, then how can we tell whether or not these self-aware programs also have a soul?

Just saying…



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