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Sum-It-Up Sunday: Rights, Racism, Rhetoric

People have a lot of trouble accepting that a person would be SO INTENT on their own ideology/world-view (or their own quest for power) that they would be willing to inflict pain and discomfort on others (an entire nation) to achieve it. But it’s a reality.

At various times, Barack Obama has said he would put coal mines out of business, drive the costs of energy up, decide how much (or how little) other people should be able to make or keep, and while selling the glories of Obamacare told a woman that he hoped her aging but vibrant mother would choose to take pain pills instead of resource intensive surgery (read that as healthcare rationing.) Individuals or their rights don’t matter – just ideology, power and government control.

This is what any Democrat administration will continue. Do we really need people who don’t believe in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS running (and ruining) our COLLECTIVE lives?


Hillary’s racism charges against Trump echo the past attacks on most Republicans. Where are all the claims of a racist Trump from before he ran for President? You become Republican and you’re automatically racist?

You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means.


An NFL quarterback of mixed race refuses to stand for The National Anthem – dissing the entire country because of the steady drumbeat of anti-police rhetoric. There are poorly informed people all over this country who support swallow this narrative – they claim to only be against “the bad ones”, but if that was the case, they wouldn’t have to continue using the lie of Ferguson and “Hands up, don’t shoot!” as part of their protest. And they wouldn’t wear socks that label all police as pigs. But like Goebbels said, you repeat a lie enough times…

I bet drug dealers (and illegals, too) are killing more people than the police could dream of. Why not protest them instead?

Just saying…


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