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Forecast Friday: Memory Manipulation

In some of my stories (“Reconcilable Differences”, for one), I’ve played with the notion of artificially modifying memories. The fact is, we do it all the time according to this interview in MIT Tech Review through a process called reconsolidation. Each time we recall a memory, it’s as though we take it out of our brain, have a look at it, do some thinking about it and reconstruct it, and then that new version is put back in place of the old one.

One of the many things being discussed is using this knowledge to find ways to alter a memory – make it less unpleasant, or even implant false memories to make us feel better about ourselves. To help treat depression, or PTSD, or some other such maladies.

Of course, if an operator can do that to help you, they can also do it for their own self-serving reasons. Who will determine whether you have the CORRECT attitude, or the PROPER memories? Any tool is just a tool, after all; the good or evil is in how you use it.

Whether done for nefarious or benevolent reasons, our memories and how we feel about them are a big part of who we are. If we were to change those memories, would we still be us? Do we really want to mess with that? Or let someone else?

Just saying…


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I was wondering how Super Villains acquired their henchmen, and imagined the interview process with someone who didn’t seem to quite fit the villain mold. “Ultimate Awareness.”

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Next up for publication is Detective Jimmy Delaney #5: “Killing Them Softy.” Release date will be September 23rd – working on formatting now.


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