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Sum-It-Up Sunday: Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago today; was it really that long ago?

I remember where I was – I’d gone into work early to take care of a software issue. There were very few people there – one of my co-workers called and said he was pulled over at the side of the road listening to what was happening in New York on the radio. I looked online and saw some of what was happening, and it was obvious it was no accident – a deliberate act of hate and terror. Dallas is a long way from New York, but it felt like it was next door. It’s still our country – our brothers and sisters.

I called my wife, and that’s how she found out. Then I headed home for the day – I think everyone did. We saw footage of the The Pentagon. We heard about Flight 93’s crash in Shanksville. We spent the day with family – saw The Towers go down over and over again. Saw people jump to their deaths, and others wandering the streets, or trying to help.

All air-traffic came to a standstill, and we spent a few eerily quiet days recovering as a nation. We pulled together, and slowly moved from grief to acceptance to action.

People look at the collapse of The Towers as a symbol of what happened that day, when everything changed. It was awful, and in a way sums it all up, if you remember the really important part – that our first responders AND lots of normal, everyday citizens responded to an attack on all of us with bravery and selflessness.

But for me, The Towers is accompanied with so much sorrow and despair – I prefer to think of Flight 93 as when things changed – when some Americans realized what was happening and rather than waiting for the inevitable, fought back. That is the mindset I wish we had ALL kept.

But we’re a large nation, and fairly well insulated from the horrors of the world (although less and less so), and it’s hard to wake up this sleeping giant, and easy – too easy – for us to roll over and go back to sleep. Fifteen years is really not very long – President Bush told us this war would be a long one, fought in many places and definitely not one to be finished in his administration. Who could have imagined that in such a short time we would be retreating all over the world? Who would have thought that we would give BILLIONS to the primary STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM? A country intent on nuclear weapons and the destruction The United States and our allies? We have returned to the state of denial we were in before 9-11 slapped us awake. We can’t afford to go backwards, and I’d rather not have another wake-up call.

Peace doesn’t just HAPPEN because you want it to – it comes with a price that includes preparation and diligence. We’re in a war that will last generations – especially if we refuse to fight it.

Just saying…


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