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Meandering Monday about Solid Ground

I’ve been unmoored and adrift for over 2 weeks, unable to continue my fiction writing (and barely managing to keep this blog going) while we deal with the aftermath of our slab leak. I know we have it good – people go through so much worse every day, and this is so minor compared to things like the flooding in Baton Rouge, or what people are dealing with from hurricanes and earthquakes. But as I tell my wife all the time, just because your neighbor broke his leg doesn’t mean that your broken finger doesn’t hurt.

It’s not just the repetitive uprooting into hotels – I’ve done that on vacations and business trips, and it hasn’t kept me from writing. Of course, those were planned, and I knew that home was still there waiting for me, and in the end I would return to it. I know that’s still the case now, but so much is unsettled.

As much as I’ve always liked the ocean, I’ve enjoyed it best from the shore. I miss solid ground.

I’m a home-body, and used to routine – I don’t handle changes to my plans and expectations very well. I usually have an idea of what I’m going to do each day, and when something comes up to change it, I need time to adjust to the new reality. And here lately, it seems things are coming up all the time. Even my routine on my “day job” has been disrupted by various goings on there, so I don’t have that anchor to rely on. either.

Can an old dog learn new tricks? This one needs to. I have to learn to be more flexible, to roll with the punches and the waves. I have to make do with the way things are, and not be so dependent on things being lined up exactly the way I wanted them to be.

Floods and earthquakes can’t really be planned on, but they do happen. We don’t always have solid ground.

Just saying…


PipesCoverThis week’s Smashwords coupon is for “The Pipes”:

Something’s in the pipes.

An unexpected extraterrestrial visitation has an adverse effect on a Texas farmer’s well. Sometimes it’s the little things.

The start of this story came unbidden into my mind as a monologue about bagpipes, and then the story grew from there. Use coupon code MK88W to get 67% off the cover price at Smashwords (that’s only 99-cents – such a deal!) – it’s good until September 17th. Here’s the link:


Next up for publication is Detective Jimmy Delaney #5: “Killing Them Softy.” Release date will be September 23rd; preorder campaign has been delayed because the software I use to create covers is not on my new PC, and I can’t find the disk. Seems like it’s always something lately…


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