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Forecast Friday: Do I Really Want an Autonomous Car?

I hate driving. I’ve said for years that if I won the lottery, I would never drive again. I don’t know if I’d hire a chauffeur, but somehow I would avoid having to drive myself.

At the same time, I know I’m not at ease when I’m a passenger. I find myself trying to apply the break as I ride along (I don’t actually put my foot on the real brake – I’m talking about the imaginary one by my right foot.) It’s hard for me to relax while experiencing someone else’s driving, so I already have doubts about my comfort level with NOT being in control.

So why would I want a self-driving car? (They’re coming, you know: this article says Ford plans to have them by 2021, and BMW will have them by then, too.)

There’s just something daunting about a device that during all life has been incapable of thought taking control of my travel (and my life.) I might be more comfortable with an android chauffeur, although that would put me back in that same untrusting place I am with human drivers. That’s not even to mention the uncanny valley (where we become particularly uncomfortable when we encounter machines that seem TOO CLOSE to human.)

It seems I’m just one of those old, set-in-their-ways folks who can’t cope with new technology. I guess I’m not going to stop driving anytime soon – I have too many trust issues.

Just saying…


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